Coming Soon Trailers: The Possession of Hannah Grace.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Possession of Hannah Grace.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Possession of Hannah Grace.

The sprint to the finish for November 2018 has just one new wide release runner, While the home market sports 6 new flicks.

With just over 100 million dollars separating this year from the all-time box office title for November, we only get one new wide release to push us over the finish line.  The Possession of Hannah Grace is going to have to be one hell of an exorcism movie…no pressure!  Against this the home market revives after Thanksgiving with six new films, spread across several intriguing services.  YouTube Premium (previously YouTube Red) has its first big name original film, produced by Eminem.  HBO is also dropping an original this week, so don’t cancel your HBO NOW subscription just yet!

Coming Soon Trailers: The Possession of Hannah Grace.
No kidding, they’ll probably at least make a prequel to this flick!

Wide Release.

The Possession of Hannah Grace.

After an exorcism results in a tragic death, the young victim is sent to the coroner for an autopsy.  A young woman takes charge of the body, but is soon plagued by supernatural events that convince her that whatever was possessing Hannah Grace did not depart upon her death.

Video On Demand.

The Truth About Killer Robots  (HBO)

A quasi-documentary about the future of automation and robots.  It blends narratives from the people who work with, write about, and philosophize about AI and robotics to speculate on where we are and where we are going.

Mademoiselle Paradis.

A “based on true story” drama about Maria Theresia Von Paradis, a talented musician and friend of Mozart who was blind from an early age.  A controversial treatment from the infamous founder of Mesmerism initially restores her sight, but at the cost of her musical talents.  She is put in the position of having to chose her vision or her music.

Bodied (YouTube Premium)

By accident a young college student is drawn into the battle rap scene and wins his first competition.  As the rough and rude world of dis tracks consume him, he starts to alienate everyone who he once cared for.

Happy as Lazarro (Netflix)

An experimental drama about a young man named Lazarro living on a hard scrabble tobacco plantation in conditions like those of the 1800’s…but which are in reality very modern.

I Am Paul Walker.

A documentary about the life and career of actor Paul Walker, of Fast and Furious fame, who died in a tragic car accident.

Somm 3.

The third film in a documentary series about wine tasting, sommeliers, and the search for the best pinot noir in the world.


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