Coming Soon Trailers: The Predator, White Boy Rick, A Simple Favor.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Predator, White Boy Rick, A Simple Favor.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Predator, White Boy Rick, A Simple Favor.

The Predator stalks the box office this weekend, but can any of the other wide releases spoil its hunt?

Coming Soon Trailers: The Predator, White Boy Rick, A Simple Favor.Four wide releases look to capitalize on a box office that is heating up as the weather cools down.  Early projections have Shane Black’s Predator sequel claiming the trophy this weekend, but a strong push from The Nun and a better than expected debut for the other three wide releases could nuke its chance from orbit.  There is also the fact that fifteen (!) new movies hit the streaming market this week.  It’s going to be one busy weekend in the jungle when it comes to picking movies to watch.

Wide Release.

The Predator.

The iconic killing machines that hunts for sport return to Earth, this time with the intention of using genetically enhanced warriors.  Their goal is total annihilation of the species that has thwarted them in the past: man.


White Boy Rick.

A dramatization of the real story of a boy who was a drug kingpin, and FBI asset, all before he was 16 years old.

A Simple Favor.

Stephanie is a vlogger who has been caught in the spell of her gorgeous and glamorous subject, Emily.  Emily draws her deeper into her high society, high stakes world, until Emily suddenly goes missing.  Now Stephanie has to piece together the disappearance because both there lives may depend on it.

Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

A veteran who survived a harrowing ordeal as a POW in Japan returns home and loses himself in alcohol and trauma.  When he discovers a charismatic preacher, his life is changed.

Video on Demand.

Paper Year.

Two young newlyweds struggle to balance a new house in LA with their budding careers.  When Franny gets a shot at her dream job, it pushes them both to grow in their marriage.

Susanne Bartsch: On Top.

A documentary about fashion icon Susanne Bartsch and the NYC nightlife culture she helped to create.


Two pizza delivery workers try to catch a killer who is knocking off their fellow drivers.


A straight laced and hardscrabble young woman from NJ turns to making Ecstasy in San Francisco when her college aid is denied.  With free spirited new friends, huge profits, and a budding party scene, Angie starts to lose her grip on her former ideals as tragedy looms.

The Angel (Netflix)

The dramatization of the life of Ashraf Marwan, son-in-law to the Egyptian president and a coveted asset of the Israeli intelligence agency.

Final Score.

Two feuding Russian brothers put a stadium full of soccer fans in danger when Arkady tries to capture Dmitri at the game.  A US special operative on location must overcome an army of mercenaries and two vicious warlords to save the match.


A group of old friends looking to catch up over video chat, but are interupted by a demon with a taste for modern tech.  Not knowing who has been corrupted, the friends are turned against each other in a devilish game.

Don’t Leave Home.

An aspiring Irish artist is invited to exhibit her sculptures at the residence of a famous priest and artist.  The priest is also infamous for the mysterious disappearance of one of his subjects.


A former U.S. Marshal is haunted by the tragedy of an operation that went awry.  When he learns that the remaining squad-mates are all suffering from identical symptoms, he begins to suspect something or someone orchestrated the tragedy.

Land of Steady Habits.

A successful businessman and family man decides to chase the allure of post-midlife excitement by quitting his job and leaving his wife for a string of younger women.  As he falls from one fling to another, he begins to regret his increasingly empty life.

Four Hands.

Two sisters find solace from tragedy by remaining in the baroque home where their parents were murdered 20 years earlier.  As the parole date approaches from the killers, the two girls begin to experience black outs and violent behavior.  It may be part of their psyche’s that long for revenge, or it could be something dark and otherworldly…

A Wizard’s Tale.

A modern young boy is whisked away to a magical kingdom where a grumpy wizard has cast a spell of gloom over everyone.  Along with the brave Princess Dawn, the boy must find the magical spell that will return laughter to the land.

Danger One.

Two over-worked paramedics find a million dollars on the body of a dying man.  They keep the money after much argument, but their secret gets out to friends and coworkers who may be willing to stab them in the back for a big payday.

Hell House LLC. II

After eight years, a pair of journalists are convinced to return to the Abaddon Hotel, the site of a grissly tragedy.  Looking for answers, a new series of disappearances and deaths begins.

The Basement.

Bill is a serial killer tormented by his own traumatic abduction and torture as a youth.  He kidnaps Craig and begins to replay the horrific events, with Craig as the young version of himself and Bill’s multiple personalities as his tormentors.


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