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The tribe trailer

Coming Soon Trailers!

inside out posterNot sure what to watch this weekend? Well here at Deluxe Video we sift through all the trailers of the upcoming movies and tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Because we care about your time, loyal reader…and perhaps because nothing is as much fun as righteous anger when a trailer fails to deliver the goods!

Since we covered all the big new movie releases this weekend such as Manglehorn, Dope, and Inside Out on The Coming Thing, I’d like to direct your attention to some lesser known limited releases.

The Tribe

Wow. A must see. Miroslav Slaboshpitsky’s debut feature The Tribe, gives us something we have never seen before, an entire movie played out in sign language; no voice overs,  no subtitles.

An innovative take on silent films, The Tribe follows a deaf teenager’s struggles to fit into an unwelcoming boarding school system.  A story so dark that words perhaps cannot communicate?

When to see it: If you are lucky enough, when available at your local indie theatre.  If not, cross your fingers for VOD.


The Overnight

A young couple and their son make a chance encounter during their first days in LA with an intellectual and engaging couple who also have a child about the same age.  A proposal for a play date for both the children and the adults leads to an evening filled with truths and dares.

A dialogue driven comedy, The Overnight looks to deliver many awkward laughs, and appears to be cast brilliantly, with Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Judith Godreche and Jason Schwartzman.  I’m kind of shocked to find Woody Allen isn’t attached to this project in some way…

When to see it:  Definitely not on a first date, Unless you’re going to utilize this film to gauge his/her freakiness.  Then, by all means, have at.

Another Culkin, but this one knows how to act! Starring Rory Culkin – brother of Macaulay, who plays the mentally unstable leading role. Gabriel is a young man who wants to propose to his former girlfriend because he believes that this will create stability in his life…and is willing to risk everything in the attempt.

Gabriel is a vehicle primed to flex Culkin’s acting chops, and has me quite intrigued indeed. Perhaps this is the next American Pycho type of character piece that we have been waiting for.


When to see it: Gabriel looks great, but should be on VOD or streaming services soon enough.

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