Coming Soon Trailers: The Witch, Race, Risen

Coming Soon Trailers

Time once again to delve into some fresh trailers to preview what is new and interesting at the cinema.  We’ve got three new wide releases this week and just one solitary documentary making its way onto streaming services.  Our first contender for your movie-going dollars is the horror movie, The Witch, which you may recognize from our Ten Most Anticipated Movies of the year list.  Here we have the second theatrical trailer, which puts a finer point on the tension and reveals the antagonist to be…an evil billy goat.

Wide Release

The Witch

In rural New England around the 1500’s, one family is having a rough harvest season.  Crops are failing, the animals are acting strange, and the insular family’s youngest son has taken ill in a spectacular fashion.  Could the devil be to blame for all of this misery?


When to See It:  In Theaters?  I have to say that the first trailer was much more convincing than this current one, which seems to dispel quite a bit of the ambivalence about whether or not there are supernatural elements involved in this film.  Either way, I’m going to see it (and review it!) but this isn’t quite the slam dunk it appeared to be two weeks ago.


In a based on true life biopic, Race details the trials and triumphs of African-American track and field legend Jesse Owens.  Starting with the racial conflict in American which Owens had to contend with to even be allowed to compete in track and field, the drama quickly escalates as Owens is asked to participate in the Olympics…in Nazi Germany.  While many have boycotted the event, Owens sees it as an opportunity to show the world that greatness comes in all colors.


When to See It:  Theaters.  There has been precious little hype about this film, which is a shame since it looks so well made.  I think the spectacle of the Olympics will really be worth the price of a big-screen ticket, and I am impressed with the caliber of performance on display here.  We’ll probably be talking about this movie again next February…


A Roman officer is tasked with finding the truth behind the rumor that the political agitator they crucified, Yeshua of Nazareth, has risen from the dead.


When to See It:  Rent it.  I usually dismiss these faith based movies out of hand, for good reason:  they’re preachy, have transparent plots, are poorly acted and have minimal production value.  This one at least looks well-made and well acted.  The plot has the potential to be a bit breathless and the conclusion the director wants you to reach seems all but foregone, but this at least doesn’t look like a poorly made movie.  If this genre is your jam, it looks like you’ve finally been rewarded with some higher quality entertainment.

Video on Demand

Rolling Papers

This documentary covers two angles of the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado:  the business of growing and selling pot, and the role of conventional media in covering the nascent industry.  This film is as much about the nature of modern day newspapers as it is about smoking dank buds.


See It?:  Yes.  The film seems to have done its homework, providing both levity and depth.  Even if you don’t care much for pot, the coverage of the political process to legalize it and the way in which old print media can adapt to serve contemporary audiences seems worth investigating.


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