Coming Soon Trailers: Thor – Ragnarok.

Coming Soon Trailers: Thor - Ragnarok.
Well...that is one heck of a poster.

Coming Soon Trailers: Thor – Ragnarok.

I hope you’re excited for Thor…because he’s virtually the only game in town when it comes to new movies.

Coming Soon Trailers: Thor - Ragnarok.
Well…that is one heck of a poster.

In the past few years, we’ve seen Disney clear the dance card with Star Wars and Marvel releases, but Thor’s box office muscle is so hefty that its even clearing out the rental market!  Bad Mom’s Christmas decided to get a one day jump on Thor, though I don’t know how much an extra day will do when it’s a non-holiday Wednesday night.  That pretty much leaves Thorsday all alone for Marvel’s thunder god.  Seeing as it has already crushed 100 million dollars abroad, I’d imagine we’re going to see a hammer-shaped crater left in the box office by Monday.

On the rental market we have just one lonely new arrival, Different Flowers.  The female led mid-life crisis comedy is a definite counter programming choice when it comes to all of the testosterone that will be flooding the theaters.  I’m not surprised it chose to remain in this rental period, but I am surprised that so many other films opted to jump ship.  I’d love to have access to the studio numbers to see if Disney has been so prolific lately that it’s gobbling up even VOD dollars.

Wide Release.

Bad Mom’s Christmas.

Our trio of bad moms decide they’ve had enough of the holiday spirit.  Besides the burdens of making Christmas special for everyone around them, they’ve also got to host their mothers and mother-in-laws this year.  Kiki, Amy and Carla decide to spike the eggnog and burn the mistletoe and take back Christmas for bad moms everywhere.

See It?:  Skip it.

This genre is getting pretty tired.  While I’m down for exploding the whole Christmas culture, it seems like a thin excuse for another movie about doing shots and hooking up as a way to cure your life’s problems.  If that shit worked, everyone I knew in college would be running Microsoft concurrently for a billion years.  Pass.

Thor – Ragnarok.

When the goddess Hela storms Asgard and exiles Thor to the far corners of the Universe, he’ll have to assemble a motley crew of rogue heroes and former enemies to retake his home and prevent the end of the world(s).

See It?:  Yes.

Despite being Marveled out, I’m on board for Ragnarok.  What has been one of the weakest solo series in the MCU looks ready to flip the script.  Chris Hemsworth seems like he’s finally being allowed to show off his funnier side and play a less pompous god of thunder, and the cast is packed to the rafters with awesome talent.  Besides showcasing some fun, it looks like we may have our first great villain in the Marvel universe in Cate Blanchett’s world-ending Hela.

Limited Release.


This historical drama explores the life and work of the oft reviled President Johnson.  Looking at the early days of his presidency after the Kennedy assassination moved him from a place-holder vice president into the oval office, it also explores his days as a power broker in the Senate.

See It?:  Yes.

Rob Reiner has an opus on his hands here.  Woody Harrelson has had sporadic bursts of excellence, and it looks like he’s cashing them all in here.  The cast surrounding LBJ are mostly lesser lights, but they all seem to be bringing their A game.  I expected the film to be somber and stolid, more of a rental than a must-see.  The trailer changed my mind.  This looks very good.

Video on Demand.

Different Flowers.

Millie enters her 30’s with all of the normal milestones looming over her head:  settling down for marriage, career, family, and domesticity.  The desire to take one last swing at her dreams, she ditches her big wedding and heads out on the road with her free-wheeling younger sister.

See It?:  Sure.

I wanted a female led comedy that doesn’t distill everything down into shots and male strippers, and this looks like the candidate.  I would say it strays a touch too close to a Hallmark Channel flick, but it seems to have some edge and bite.  The cast is mostly small screen actresses, but they shine here with a solid script and good dialogue.  If you want to break free, skip the Bad Moms and try picking these flowers instead.

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