Coming Soon Trailers: Tomb Raider, Love Simon, 7 Days in Entebbe.

Coming Soon Trailers: Tomb Raider, Love Simon, 7 Days in Entebbe.

Coming Soon Trailers: Tomb Raider, Love Simon, 7 Days in Entebbe.

Can the new Tomb Raider reboot overcome the curse of bad video game adaptations?

Coming Soon Trailers: Tomb Raider, Love Simon, 7 Days in Entebbe.
Can the remake hit the mark?

March is for remakes, apparently.  We’ve already seen a new version of Death Wish, a remake of a French film called The Upside with Bryan Cranston, and now we’re getting a fresh coat of paint on the Tomb Raider franchise.  Helmed by Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina), this offering follows the reboot of the video game series which ditched the camp of the originals and went dark and gritty.  Director Roar Uthaug made waves in 2015 with his well regarded Norwegian disaster film…The Wave.  While this is his first Hollywood film, he has worked on another project, Escape (Flukt), which is very similar in theme and style to Tomb Raider.  That’s right, a guy named Roar made a film called Flukt, and that is why Scandinavians are the best.

Speaking of ice covered countries, if you’re currently snowed in by the nor-easter bashing New England, you’re going to have a field day on VOD.  There are 11 titles on offer (not counting the stuff that drops today on Netflix!) so if you can’t find something to watch, it’s not my fault.

Wide Release.

Tomb Raider.

Lara Croft must journey to a mysterious and dangerous island in order to search for her father.  Her father, a wealthy adventurer, has gone missing and now young Lara must follow in his footsteps while staying one step ahead of mercenaries looking to capture the fabled treasure first.

Love, Simon.

Simon is a high school student who is afraid to reveal to his peers and family that he is gay.  As he strikes up an online romance with a kindred yet anonymous soul, he gains the confidence to embrace his identity and find love IRL.

7 Days in Entebbe.

When a flight is hijacked en-route from Tel Aviv to Paris and taken to Entebbe, the Israeli government green-lights a daring rescue operation.  Based on a true event.

I Can Only Imagine.

A dramatic adaptation of the life of Christian rock idol Bart Millard, and how his difficult childhood inspired him to pen the hit song “I Can Only Imagine.”

Video on Demand.

Invincible Force.

One man agrees to have his life completely regimented in a 90 day experiment to turn him from a couch potato into a lean, mean machine.

Old Man.

A documentary that is about the last record store in Boulder, Colorado where such stores used to thrive; it is simultaneously about the struggle of a son and a father to connect, where the son is a filmmaker and his father is the owner of the record store.


A psychologist is brought in to deal with a nine year old girl who displays tremendous mental power.  When she easily deflects all of his attempts to analyze her and turns his methods back on him, he realizes that there is something more threatening about young Ellie than just her intellect.

Seeking Wellness.

Four connected vignettes unfold simultaneously, each with a radically different plot and style.

Hell’s Kitty.

Nick’s cat is not just possessive, but actually possessed by an evil spirit.  When his love life suffers due to his feline attacking anyone who attempts to get close to Nick, he turns to exorcism as his only solution.

Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies.

A zombie outbreak in the deep south is caused by a sinister corporation’s chemicals.  A crop duster hired to spread the chemicals is one of the few spared and must unite the survivors and flee the undead infested back woods.

Dear Dictator.

An unlikely correspondence between a young girl and a tin-pot dictator turns into a wild adventure when the strong-man (Michael Caine) is ousted and must stay with his pen pal in suburban America.


A young prison guard is given a rare assignment to accompany a trouble-making inmate who is on an emergency furlough to see her dying mother.  Instead of proving her mettle, the young guard winds up riding shotgun on a wild road trip.

The Forgiven.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Forrest Whitaker) is tasked with hearing the story of a notorious killer (Eric Bana) who is seeking clemency.  The archbishop is hoping to gain information for an international investigation from the man, but the prisoner has other plans as he draws him into a game of cat and mouse.

Demon House.

A furor over a massively haunted house leads to an enterprising ghost hunter to buy the property.  He takes his crew there to begin filming, but soon seems destined to become the latest victim of the cursed house.


A troubled woman who works as a house cleaner makes a connection with a young girl on one of her jobs.  What begins as fascination quickly spirals out of control when the cleaner coaxes the girl to move in with her.

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