Coming Soon Trailers: UglyDolls, Long Shot, The Intruder.

Coming Soon Trailers: UglyDolls, Long Shot, The Intruder.

Hollywood hopes to counter-program with an animated kids movie, a rom com and a thriller this weekend.

While Endgame will undoubtedly repeat as the number one film at the box office, three new wide releases look to counter-punch their way to a solid weekend.  I think The Intruder and Long Shot are indeed long shots, but I have a feeling that UglyDolls has a real chance.  I wouldn’t have bet on Trolls making a big box office splash, but the colorful animated flick really tickled audiences.  UglyDolls looks like a mash of that film and Toy Story, so I think we might have a surprise at number two this week, if it can buck the trend of other Movies Based on Toys.

Coming Soon Trailers: UglyDolls, Long Shot, The Intruder.
Sorry, Charlize Theron, you deserve better.

The home streaming market is likewise crashing the board with a variety of new releases.  Ten new VOD offerings land this week, including a quartet from Netflix.

Wide Release.


Moxy lives in Uglyville, where unconventional toys are celebrated.  She travels to Perfection, where the toys most kids are used to come from, in order to show that even “ugly” toys deserve love too.

Long Shot.

Fred is a muck-raker journalist always getting into trouble.  Charlotte is poised to be the next President of the United States.  As fate would have it, Charlotte also baby sat Fred as children, and Fred developed his first crush on her.  Things get awkward when she hires him to be her speechwriter.

The Intruder.

Scott and Annie buy a dream house from a lonely widower who can’t seem to let the place go.

Limited Release.

El Chicano.

An LAPD detective is tasked with taking down the cartel behind his brother’s death.  To get justice, he’ll have to become El Chicano, a masked vigilante who can take down those that the law can’t touch.

Video On Demand.

Softness of Bodies.

Lost & Found.

Knock Down the House  (Netflix).

Dead Trigger.


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile  (Netflix).

Bardo Blues.

A Pesar De Todo  (Netflix).

The Last Summer  (Netflix).

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