Coming Soon Trailers: Us.

Coming Soon Trailers: Us

Coming Soon Trailers: Us.

After Jordan Peele’s masterful debut with Get Out, Hollywood is giving his new flick, Us, the weekend all to itself.

Get ready for another horror masterpiece from funny man turned genius director Jordan Peele.  Us, packed with talent and scares, looks to dominate the box office this weekend.  To that effect, it’s the only new wide release due out.  That’s not to say your choices are limited:  the streaming market has seven new films out this weekend.  If you love chop socky as much as we do here at Deluxe Video Online, you’re in for a treat.  Triple Threat is an action flick packed with the who’s who of young martial arts stars – Tony Jaa (Ong Bak), Tiger Chen (Man of Tai Chi), and Iko Uwais (The Raid: Redemption).  Choices, choices!

Coming Soon Trailers: Us
Me? I think I’m just going to kick back this weekend…

Wide Release.


Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her family return to the summer home where she grew up.  Troubled by the past and increasingly fearful for her family, her worst fears are realized when four masked strangers terrorize them.

Video on Demand.

Triple Threat.

A wealthy heiress is the target of a heft assassination contract that puts her in the cross-hairs of every hired killer on the planet.  A trio of young mercenaries take her side, fighting desperately against overwhelming odds.

Book of Monsters.

Sophie’s birthday party goes to hell, quite literally, when monsters attack.  Together with her other teenage friends, she has to stop the evil creatures.

Big Kill.

Hard luck and bad fortune bring together five men on different sides of the law in the wild West.

Smaller and Smaller Circles.

Two Jesuit priests work to solve a string of murders in the poorest neighborhoods of Manila.  Facing roadblocks from their superiors and the corrupt officials of the city, they race against time to stop the killer from striking again.

The Dirt (Netflix).

A documentary about Mötley Crüe, based on the band’s autobiography.


A sentient cartoon car wants to be more than just a cab, but everything in his society conspires to keep him from achieving his dreams.

Out of Blue.

A detective investigating the murder of an astrophysicist finds herself grappling with the mysteries of the universe as well as the facts of the case.


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