Coming Soon Trailers: Venom, A Star is Born.

Coming Soon Trailers: Venom, A Star is Born.
Uh, no thanks.

Coming Soon Trailers: Venom, A Star is Born.

Venom hits the big screen alongside a remake of A Star is Born and a dozen new streaming options.

Coming Soon Trailers: Venom, A Star is Born.
Uh, no thanks.

October gets off to a rocky start with two movies from my least anticipated list premiering on the same weekend.  Luckily for me there are twelve new streaming releases hitting the rental market.  If you’re not interesting in seeing how Sony messes up their latest Spider-Man related flick, or the idea of Lady Gaga and Brad Cooper canoodling leaves you cold, there’s plenty of variety this week outside of the cinema plex.

Wide Release.


Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts to blow the lid off of a biotech company experimenting with alien creatures.  The creature bonds himself to Eddie and creates the psychotic anti-hero known as Venom.

A Star is Born.

A famous musician with a substance abuse problem discovers a phenomenally talented woman who longs to be a star.  They develop a working relationship that leads to romance, but his demons and her ascendant career threaten to break them apart.

Limited Release.

The Hate U Give.

After a young woman witnesses the police shoot her childhood friend, she must find her voice and speak for the victim in a community full of anger and mistrust.

Video on Demand.


A man unable to sense pain begins to lose his grip on reality.

A Dangerous Idea.

A documentary exploring the recurring use of Eugenics and racial theory in the United States to disenfranchise minority populations, with an eye toward the current climate of hyper nationalism.

Maximum Impact.

A clandestine summit between the US and Russia is hijacked, forcing elite agents from both sides of the Iron Curtain to work together.


Survivors of an airborne virus that nearly wiped out humanity remain prisoner in airt0tight bunkers.  Their only source of contact is video screens connecting the bunkers.  When a new threat appears, they must watch helplessly as it spreads from one facility to another.


In a world ravaged by war, Molly is a survivor with supernatural powers.  News of her powers reaches the ringmaster of a deadly post-apocalyptic fight club, he sets his sights on making Molly his center ring attraction.


A woman haunted by trauma and an obsession with the paranormal locks herself into house seething with angry spirits in order to exorcise her demons.

Sleep No More.

Five graduate students test their limits by abstaining from sleep for 200 hours.  As they endure the experiment, unsettling and violent visions test their resolve.

Death Kiss.

A vigilante comes to town to clean up rampant gang violence and to save a young woman and her child.  A reimagining/homage to Death Wish with a lead actor who looks identical to Charles Bronson.

The Battle of the Bulge: Wunderland.

On Christmas 1944, a platoon of infantry soldiers are ordered to hold a vital road against heavily armed German forces in the prelude to the famous Battle of the Bulge.

My Pet Dinosaur.

A young boy befriends a tiny dinosaur that everyone else doubts is real.

Malevolent (Netflix).

Two scam artists who claim to contact the dead are put in a life or death struggle when they accept a job at an orphanage haunted by the spirits of malevolent children.

Cinemability:  The Art of Inclusion.

A documentary exploring the portrayal of disability in film and how the industry can change to provide a more realistic and inclusive look at differently abled people.


A struggling actor who works part time as a ride share driver has a wild and dangerous night when he picks up a beautiful woman and a dare-devil with a sick sense of humor.

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