Coming Soon Trailers: Warcraft, The Conjuring 2, Now You See Me 2

Coming Soon Trailers.

The sequels keep coming this June, and we get possibly the biggest video-game adaptation of the year in Warcraft.

war featureErik mentioned the apparent fatigue audiences have been showing when it comes to sequels in his Box Office Wrap Up on Monday.  In addition to sequel-itis, audiences have been up and down about the first couple video game adaptation movies to hit theaters this year.  Angry Birds did alright for itself, but Ratchet and Clank bombed spectacularly.  This weekend looks to be an early litmus test for the season; can the two new sequels manage a decent showing, and can the Warcraft movie become the first video game blockbuster (not just of this year, but of any year!)  If none of these appeal to you, there is an ample supply of VOD arriving this week as well.

Wide Release


Orcs and humans wage bloody CGI warfare against each other in a fantasy setting based upon the long-running MMO, World of Warcraft.  The natural enmity of the two races is being manipulated by a powerful foe, and two heroes from each side attempt to prevent total war between their peoples.  Orcs.  Whatever.


See It?:  DVD it.  Nothing here seems visually thrilling enough to mandate a big screen viewing, and early reviews say the story is a confusing muddle, even if you know anything about the game.  I like fantasy, but this CGI clusterfrack looks more like the abominable Hobbit series, not the excellent Lord of the Ring series.

The Conjuring 2

Another haunted house/possession horror movie supposedly based on the “real” experiences of two ghost hunters.


See It?:  That above description is a sentence that should not exist, and if you believe that ghost hunter’s have “real” experiences, you need to save your money to buy a science textbook, not waste it on yet another by-the-numbers horror film.

Now You See Me 2

After having pulled off a magic con-job and giving away all of the dirty money to the poor in the first movie, The Four Horsemen magicians come out of hiding when a corrupt tech mogul takes aim at them.


See It?:  This series is Ocean’s Eleven for Las Vegas magic show addicts.  It’s getting decent reviews, so it’s up to you if you liked the first one or the genre enough to watch these magicians make your Friday night disappear.

National Expansions

The Lobster

In an absurdist allegory, society mandates that singles must find a life partner or else be turned into animals.  When his wife leaves him, David must move into a singles resort where he has 45 days to find love, or else be transformed into a lobster.


See It?:  This one is a weird ride, and I’ll be giving you my full review tomorrow.  The short version is that The Lobster is going to be a film you either love or hate…so wait for my review to find out which!

Video On Demand

Lenny Cooke

This documentary takes a look at the life of Lenny Cooke, a phenom high school basketball player who was rated in 2001 as being more valuable than future greats like Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.  He never made the NBA big time, and this doc explores why and how his life has evolved since that fateful year.


Careful What You Wish For

A young man headed to college has an affair with the wife of a rich and powerful investment banker.  He soon becomes the center of a scandal that may prove to be life changing…or life ending.


Be Somebody

A famous young man escapes from his entourage and meets a young girl who wishes her life was more glamorous.  The star crossed youths fall in love, but the trajectories of their lives threaten to tear them apart.


King Jack

Jack is a 15 year old boy with a history of trouble trying to survive in an isolated and impoverished town.  He has a violent feud with an older bully, he’s stuck in summer school, and his sick aunt forces him to mind his younger cousin for the summer.  The two must come to an understanding while facing an uncertain future.



In the rural Pacific Northwest, a former cop (Ray Liota) controls a small town drug trade with ruthless tactics.  When he sets his eyes on a recent arrival (Julia Stiles), he draws the ire of the law abiding locals, and one former logger (Anthony Hopkins) decides it’s time to run the drug lord out of town.



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