Coming Soon Trailers: X-Men Apocalypse, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Princess

Coming Soon Trailers

Despite some really mixed reviews and surviving the increasingly bi-polar gauntlet that Rotten Tomatoes has become, X-Men Apocalypse has apparently impressed other studios enough that they are loath to compete with it.  There is only one other contender best new release…and it stars Johnny Depp so you know how this is going to go.

Shouldn't, you know, ALICE be at the center of this poster?
Shouldn’t, you know, ALICE be at the center of this poster?  It’s not called “The Mad Hatter in Wonderland,” goddammit.

I would like to take a second to consider Disney’s release of Alice Through the Looking Glass.  Why now?  (As opposed to why not later, instead of “why the hell did they make this ghastly vanity project for Johnny Depp?”)  Do they think this is another slam dunk?  Did they just want to fuck over Fox because of the Avengers/X-Men feud?  There’s a whole month of June full of nothing but horrible movies coming out, and they still have Captain America and The Jungle Book (another live action adaptation) doing brisk business at the box office.  They’re either super confident, really hoping to kick sand at Fox, or throwing this movie under the bus by putting it up against a resurgent X-Men series.  Time will tell.

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X-Men:  Apocalypse

A still green (well…mostly blue, actually) X team faces their biggest threat in the form of an ancient demi-god who claims to be the original mutant.  Apocalypse believes in survival of the fittest, and is willing to destroy humanity and the X-Men in order to find out who the strongest mutants are.


When to See It:  The critics are all over the place here.  I would normally advise waiting a weekend to let the dust settle, but Days Future Past was probably the best X-Men movie to date, and this film has all of that talent, plus Oscar Isaac as the bad guy.  Role the dice and see this in theaters.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice returns to Wonderland but finds that things are not well with her friends.  In order to save the Mad Hatter (because of course Johnny Depp has to be the major focus of any movie he’s in) Alice must travel to the Grand Clock in order to travel back in time and set right whatever went wrong.


When to See It:  Never?  Did anyone like the first one?  The story has been tortured out of any resemblance to Lewis Carroll’s work in order to give The Mad Hatter the best seat at the party.  It’s garish and frivolous and another chance to wonder why Depp has become such a poison pill at the box office.  Skip it.

Video on Demand


A young girl, Adar, has a strange relationship with her stepfather, which involves quite a bit of imagination and fantasy role-playing.  When the dynamic becomes charged with unwanted sexual tension, Adar begins to fracture into two people.  Her alter-ego, Alan, is able to act out and challenge her parents in ways that Adar feels powerless to do.  The coping mechanism has its own problems, though…


See It Qualified yes.  This is pretty potent stuff, but the trailer seems to deftly handle both the sexual abuse and the psychological distortion that is the center of the film, and it looks really good.  It doesn’t seem like it will pull any punches, though, and may be hard to stomach for many.  So, a challenging piece of art in other words.


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