Deadpool Trailer: Exactly What You Wanted

Deadpool is Hitting All of His Targets in New Red Band Trailer.


Two days after the teaser trailer dropped (and two days before the premier of the new Fantastic Four, who were undoubtedly hoping that people would show up if only to see the new trailer for Deadpool) 20th Century Fox has unmuzzled the merc with the mouth (NSFW, naturally):

That’s a whole lotta trailer!  Here’s what we loved about it.

1.  This Deadpool has a mouth and a heart.

The character of Deadpool is easy to love when he’s chopping off heads and spitting out one-liners.  A movie based just on that premise would be fun, but pretty shallow.  Adding in Wade Wilson’s origin story is going to give this film some heft.  As a cancer patient tricked into receiving super-powers that make him invincible and mentally unstable (not to mention horribly disfigured) Wilson/Deadpool looks to have a strong human interest angle to pair with all of the pop-culture riffing and gonzo action.

2.  Other heroes!

I spotted two, potentially three X-Men universe characters in the trailer.  That’s a good thing.  Deadpool is the draw, but having other super humans to bang heads with is going to give the action more depth than just Wade shooting and stabbing his way through armies of generic soldiers.  It also makes the film feel more organic and not just a one-off cash-grab based around a popular character.

3.  That soundtrack.

From “Shoop” to DMX, the music was fantastic and embraced everything that makes Deadpool unique:  one part corny, one part sexy, all wrapped up into a deadly burrito layered with sass sauce.  I’m working with Taco Bell on a promotional tie-in meal based on that description, by the way.  I just hope the whole film has more of the same, and more of Deadpool interacting with the soundtrack as well.

4.  That action.

Recreating the sequence from last years promotional trailer shows how the studio is trying to get this right.  It’s the perfect mix of action and idiocy, and the trailer adds more guns and more glory to it.  I was a bit disappointed that they re-purposed some of the jokes from the promo spot, but the action was spot on.  The closing montage of violence all felt good, too.  Sword fights, brawls, and three kills with one bullet…Deadpool is going for an action triple crown.

dp5.  Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool.

…And Wade Wilson.  His delivery, mannerisms, and cock-sure attitude are perfect for Deadpool.  Hell, its going to be hard to read a Deadpool comic without hearing Reynold’s voice in your head.  His performance carries over to Wade Wilson, who feels authentic with his gallows humor and cynicism, and it is easy to see how that outlook leads to him becoming the manic merc.  The spots riffing on his disfigurement are both shocking and hilarious.  Pretty much par for the course for a Deadpool movie.

Everything looks great, and this is becoming the super-hero film to see in 2016!





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