Double Dare Preview: Bad Johnson

Double Dare Preview: Bad Johnson

Bad Johnson review

Previously on Double Dare Previews, Neil Issued a pretty stiff challenge in Hell comes to Frogtown. After multiple attempts to watch that atrocity I plowed through and vowed that I’d pay Neil back for such a below the belt move.  I’ve scoured Netflix and Amazon Prime endlessly for the perfect piece of shit, that would leave Neil shaking his head mumbling “what a dick”.

Bad Johnson

Womanizer Rich (Cam Gigandet of the Oc and shit you’ve never heard of before) can’t stay in a stable relationship. As hard as he tries, Rich laments the fact that his penis has a mind of its own and forces him to cheat. Then like a twisted porn version of the movie Big, things are said, wishes are made and Rich wakes up with no dick. Now folks, that was enough to get me to stop and begin screening this film for Neil’s displeasure, but there’s more. Not only is Rich missing his Bavarian Beefstick, but commando snake eyes become an actual person (Nick Thune, yeah he hasn’t done shit either)!

Grab a box of tissues Neil, to dry your eyes.. This film is that bad.



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