Double Dare Preview: Blubberella


Double Dare Preview: Blubberella

Neil took it easy on me with Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury last month.

Don’t get me wrong Poolboy was pretty terrible, but at the very least the film was aware of this.  Also Kevin Sorbo was at least aesthetically pleasing. I will not give Neil the same luxuries.

Chewing The Fatblubberella-2

Apparently Uwe Bol didn’t think Bloodrayne was shitty enough – Uwe had to double up and shoot Blubberella simultaneously with BloodRayne: The Third Reich. Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything.  Bol recycles the same basic plot, the same order of scenes, the same sets, and the exact same cast (sans a very lucky Natassia Malthe) with the idea being to make a politically incorrect parody about an obese dhampir battling Nazis in 1940’s Germany.


Blubberella may be an ordeal to sit through for the casual moviegoer, however Neil and I eat B-movies alive. For us hardened film critics, Blubberella isn’t that much of a challenge in of it’s self, That’s why I am asking Neil not only to review Blubberella, but to compare it with the film it was shot with: BloodRayne 3.

Heres a little taste:



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