Double Dare Preview: Poolboy – Drowning Out the Fury

Poolboy - Drowning Out the Fury

Double Dare Preview: Poolboy – Drowning Out the Fury

It took me a couple weeks to see straight after watching the last double dare assignment, a Troma film double feature.  I watched both of those on Popcornflix, a free movie app.  I decided to peruse the rest of their line up, waiting for sensation to return to my eyeballs, and discovered a treasure trove of god awful movies.  Popcornflix is a national treasure of national disasters.  I figured I might as well force Erik to watch one of ’em, just for good measure.

Poolboy – Drowning Out the Fury (2012)

Double Dare Preview: Poolboy - Drowning Out the Fury
Yeah, looks legit.

This film is a movie within a movie.  The lore goes that Poolboy was a film made in the 90’s by a ten year-old director and panned by the studio execs as too awful to screen.  In 2012 a group of documentary film makers unearthed it and screened it, while also providing interviews and commentary.  The main film involves a Vietnam vet (Kevin Sorbo) who returns home to resume his career as a pool cleaner, but finds that a vicious cartel of Mexicans (led by Danny Trejo) have murdered his family and forced him out of the business.  Using his military skills, he vows to hunt down his competitors and take back his job cleaning pools.

So Bad It’s Good Bad

This film certainly knows that it’s not very good.  The trailer has fake quotes from famous directors talking about how abysmal the movie is.  The mockumentary approach is definitely lampooning the whole enterprise.  The question is if the tongue-in-cheek attitude is enough to save what looks to be actually one of the worst movies ever made.


There you go, Erik.  A nice, short film about a murderous poolboy.  Hopefully the cartoonish action and copious amounts of nudity will be enough to carry you through this cinematic debacle.  Good luck!

Double Dare Preview: Poolboy - Drowning Out the Fury
You’ll need it!
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