Double Dare Previews: It’s Time For Some Troma!

poultrygeist double dare review

Troma Or Trauma?

Well here we go folks, another month another challenge! Previously, Neil tried to get me to crack with not one, but two versions of the epic failure that was Cleopatra.

Fortunately, there was at least a version that had me mildly entertained.

I’m not sure that the same can be said with this double feature:


The Toxic Avenger

Toxic Avenger Troma films

The Toxic Avenger, Is a bad film.  So bad it’s good..

Well hold up.

So bad it gained a cult following at least.

The story follows Melvin, a borderline mentally challenged 90-pound-weakling, falls into a vat of toxic waste and instead of melting into nothingness, He turns into an ultra violent, head-splattering superhero. Gore and chaos ensues.


Troma has built their empire on Toxie for good or ill. As far as midnight movies go,  you can do worse than The Toxic Avenger.


poultrygeist double dare review

Speaking of worse: here’s the real challenge in this month’s Double Dare Preview.

There are film’s such as Toxic Avenger that are awful, but manage to have that it’s so bad it’s good quality as I stated before.

Then there are films that try to emulate that such as PoultryGeist.


The basic synopsis of Poultrygeist: Some fast-food workers discover the restaurant they work in is built on an ancient burial ground, and the chickens they cook are trying to kill them.


Enjoy Neil!

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