Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.

Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.

Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.

We celebrate the Fourth of July with Will Smith stinkers and a newly revived Double Dare Series.

Growing up, the 4th was dominated by one man:  Will Smith.  From Bad Boys to Men in Black and Independence Day, and even to clunkers like Wild Wild West, he owned the summer box office.  To honor that legacy, we decided to choose one of his lesser films to be the first victim of our new and improved Double Dare Reviews.

Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.

Format Wars.

Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.
Who could have guessed challenging each other to 6 hour long duds could go wrong?

With so many new series at Deluxe Video Online, and access to so many more films thanks to VOD and Movie Pass, some articles don’t get the love we’d like.  One of our earliest was Double Dare Reviews, where one writer would challenge another to watch the worst movie they could think of.  The concept was malevolently simple, but the time between picking a suitable film and getting it reviewed made it a nightmare above and beyond the lousy movies.  Hence, a change was needed.

We saw two holes that needed filling: our podcast reviews were becoming less regular and DD Reviews were stagnant.  We decided to perform a shotgun wedding, changing our DD Previews and Reviews into podcasts.  We also decided that BOTH writers had to watch and review the film – and our audience gets to pick them!

Choose Your (Our) Hell!

Double Dare Preview: Will Smith Movies.
In the event of a tie we play 20 Questions. Hint- the answer is always a tank.

From now on, our Double Dare Preview will drop at the beginning of the month.  We’ll discuss the theme, why we chose it, and which films are up for a vote.  After that, we’ll post the selections alongside the podcast and open it up to votes via the comment section and social media (tweet at us @DeluxeVideoOL or visit our Facebook page.)  We’ll pick the winner a week later and review it via podcast before the end of the month.

Double Dare Preview:  Will Smith Movies

The Nominees:  July 2018 “Big Willy’s Worst”

  • Where the Day Takes You – 1992 (Erik)

  • Bad Boys – 1995 (Neil)

  • Wild Wild West – 1999 (Neil and Erik)

  • Hitch – 2005  (Neil)

  • Seven Pounds – 2008 (Erik)

  • After Earth – 2013 (Neil and Erik)

  • Annie – 2014 (Neil)

  • Concussion – 2015 (Erik)


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