Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).

Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).

Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).

After Earth was the winner of the reader poll for worst Will Smith movie.  Erik and Neil were the losers, having to watch it!

The votes were tallied for our July Double Dare poll, and despite most of India not quite getting the idea when it came to polling, we settled on a winner.  Or a loser, as we were looking for the worst Will Smith movie.  That movie: After Earth.

Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).
Nepotism: The Movie!

Directed by M. Knight Shyamalan in his “lets try making blockbusters!” phase, the film actually did solid business at the box office.  This was remarkable because the critical consensus was that the film was horrendous.  It stars Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, and was written by big Willie as well.  If that sounds like a vanity project, then you are correct.  After Earth is the kind of un self-critical and tone deaf projec t you get when one person is calling all of the shots.  It’s a bit like The Star Wars prequels and The Room had a bastard love child.

After Earth (2013).

Centuries after humanity fled the ecological catastrophes they caused on Earth, a new threat to mankind has evolved.  The aliens who we displaced on our new home, desperate to dislodge us, genetically engineered a killing machine that hunts humans by the scent of their fear pheromones.  The Ursa.  Against this menace stands the ghosts, rangers who have learned to completely erase their fear response.  Cypher Raige (Will Smith, stealing a name from the George Lucas/Wachowski sibling science fiction name book) was the first and best ghost.  In an attempt to get his son Kitai to follow in his footsteps, he takes him to a training mission with a live Ursa.  They crash en route on a planet hostile to human life: Earth.

Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).
If your job is “hunt nearly un-killable murder beasts”, you can probably skip “bring your kid to work” day.

Double Dare Review.

Double Dare Review: After Earth (2013).
It’s not a pretty movie.

From acting to directing, cinematography to story, After Earth is riddled with problems.  It came out alongside much better sci-fi movies (Gravity, The World’s End) and much better looking sci-fi flicks (Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim).  Hell, Tom Cruise put out pretty much the exact same premise in the same year with Oblivion!  We break down our take on each facet of the film, trying to overcome our own fear response as After Earth puts the terror of bad movies in us.


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