Double Dare Review: Freddy Vs Jason.

Double Dare Review: Freddy Vs Jason.

Two legendary monsters.  Two sarcastic reviewers.  Who will survive our latest Double Dare challenge?

It’s time to cover the winner of our Double Dare challenge.  Five films were nominated with “Vs” in the title, and while I was disappointed Dracula Vs Billy the Kid didn’t make the cut, we had a clear winner.  The audience overwhelmingly went for Freddy Vs Jason, so we fired it up.  We talked about each franchise and the long road out of hell that the monster mash Freddy Vs Jason took to get made.  It seems only fitting that this cult classic would be the first Double Dare movie we didn’t despise!

Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

Double Dare Review: Freddy Vs Jason.After the last movie in the Nightmare on Elm Stree franchise saw Freddy Krueger banished to hell, Freddy has a plan to escape.  Alone, Freddy is too weak to get out since the children of Springwood have forgotten their fear of him.  Since Jason Voorhees cannot die as long as his vengeance is unfulfilled, Freddy tricks him into thinking that the residents of Elm St. were part of his tragic death.

With a knife wielding maniac on the loose, Springwood naturally starts to remember Freddy and fear him again.  Freddy looks to be on his way back…but can he return in time to stop Jason from hogging all of his kills?

Double Dare Review: Freddy Vs Jason.



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