Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.

Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.

The holidays are off to a rocky start as we force ourselves to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Christmas fiasco, Jingle All the Way.

Black Friday brings out the worst in American shoppers, so we decided to check out arguably the worst film about it.  November’s theme was crass commercialism, and Jingle All the Way has got to be at the top of that list.  Thin and offensive stereotypes, a listless script, terrible dialogue, and a decided lack of comedy made this film a hit with our reviewers.  Or it made us want to hit something.  I forget how it went down.  Join us as we celebrate this Christmas door-buster of a bomb!

Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.
Totally accurate.

Jingle All the Way  (1996).

Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.

Howard (Arnie) is a businessman who habitually neglects his family.  After missing another important event with his son (Jake Lloyd), he needs to make it up big time.  The kid’s favorite hero, Turbo Man, is this holiday’s biggest toy, so Howard is out to brave the hordes at the mall in order to find one.  Unfortunately, the crowds are hell and the toy is harder to find than a decent joke in this film.  Along with another luckless and semi-psychotic dad (Sinbad), he does every crazy thing he can think of to find a Turbo Man toy before Christmas.

Double Dare Review: Jingle All the Way.

Join us next time as we try to pick a winner from the catalog of Rankin-Bass holiday specials.  Happy Holidays!


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