Double Dare Review: Shark Movies.

Double Dare Review: Shark Movies.

August’s assignment of watching Sharktopus and Mega Shark may have been the deadliest dare of them all.

Double Dare Review: Shark Movies.
I KNEW we should have gone with whalewolf!

I think this Double Dare audience polling scheme is working too well.  We got two winners this month, and as a result Erik and I were tasked with two times the awful shark movie.  I have to congratulate the voters, they did indeed pick two incredibly lousy shark movies.  They were also the two movies Erik and I secretly hoped would get picked, because they at least looked like there was something worth talking about when it came to a mechanical shark and a shark/octopus hybrid.  We were wrong on so many levels…

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark (2014)

Double Dare Review: Shark Movies.
If only it were this exciting.

A tug boat escorting sea ice to the heat-devastated Mediterranean fails to notice the giant megalodon shark trapped in the ice.  Of course it breaks free and begins a reign of terror as it heads back to its breeding grounds off of Australia.  After the last 3 Mega Shark incidents, the Navy has turned to two researchers who have created an AI controlled mechanical shark to fight the beast: Mecha Shark…which promptly blows a fuse and goes on a rampage as well!  Now it’s up to the scientists to get it back on line before Mega Shark takes a bite out of Australia.

Sharktopus (2010)

Double Dare Review: Shark Movies.
8 times the critic-killing power.

A private bio-engineering firm called Blue Water creates a hybrid shark/octopus for the US Navy. During the training exercises, the CEO’s (Eric Roberts) desire to impress the admirals results in the sharktopus’ inhibitor being damaged. The creature instinctively heads back to its native hunting ground, but its programming makes it a voracious killer. The CEO’s daughter and head designer Nicole recruits an ex employee and diver named Andy to catch the shark, but they soon decide it is too dangerous to live.


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