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The last Airbender review

The Last Airbender

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The Last Airbender is amazing.. Not amazing in the sense that the film is entertaining or well made, but amazing in the sense that M. Knight Shyamalan still has a career after this epic failure.

In a film that revolves around the battle of the four elements, Shyamalan introduces a fifth element – Shit ( no, I was not a chemistry major).

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Well.. The Sixth Sense was good…time to take one in the mouth!

So Neil and I discussed a new feature where we challenge one another to watch horrible films, The idea seemed entertaining, as I have enjoyed the occasional Sharknado or Police Academy movie for their sheer awfulness. However, The Last Airbender is just bad. So bad that I had to imagine back stories of the executives that lost their jobs due to this atrocity of the senses. Take fictional executive Sol Fullofhimself of Paramount:  He led a Vegan lifestyle, drove a Prius and thought Shyamalan was the be-all, end-all of the directing world, and thought this was his Avatar. Now he turns tricks at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose to fuel his crack addiction..

(Note to self:  That barely helped.)

First thing that set my alarms is the casting.

This casting makes no sense because Airbender was hugely popular as a TV show, and why piss off your fan base? I’m reluctant to say that the cast is untalented…but there is no concept of competent delivery of dialogue, not that they had a ton to work with.  This is a bad script.

Next issue I have is the narration of this film, Shyamalan clearly has no idea how to organically set the tone of this film, instead he painfully uses a poor voice over narration to relay any development in the film. There is literally nothing in this film that isn’t spelled out for you in narration.

The special effects, the bending of the elements aren’t completely awful, Such as when Aang ridiculously convinces the earth people that they actually have powers and should stop being slaves and the earth start repelling fireballs is cool. Unfortunately the action sequences are as dull and uninspired as the dialogue.

Watch it for free on You-tube here:

Conclusion: Perhaps one of the worst films I have ever seen.

Challenge: I doubt I can top The Last Airbender in terms of awfulness, but I will roll out a little title called Rubber. A charming story of a tire that rolls around the desert blowing shit up.


Response:  Well, looks like the rubber will really meet the road this time around…I hope that pun is the least awful part of having to watch this film.  Challenge accepted!



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