DVO Podcast: 2019 Oscar Liveblog.

DVO Podcast: 2019 Oscar Liveblog.

DVO Podcast: 2019 Oscar Liveblog.

We’re live, providing commentary for the 91st Academy Awards.

The big event is here.  The staff gets together to bring you our commentary and insights into Hollywood’s biggest event.  If you want a refresher on the nominations, we’ve got you covered here.  If you want to take part in our annual predictions contest, head on over here.  If you just want to keep up to date with the event and the winners without all of the long speeches, keep it locked here as we update our feed live.

DVO Podcast: 2019 Oscar Liveblog.

2019 Oscar Liveblog.


Best Supporting Actress – Regina King.

Best Supporting Actor – Mahershala Ali.

Best Animated Feature – Spider- Man into the Spider-Verse.

Best Director – Alfonso Cauron.

Best Actor – Rami Malek.

Best Actress – Olivia Colman.

Best Film – Green Book.


Neil – 6/7.

Nate – 2/7.

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