DVO Podcast: Avengers – Endgame.

DVO Podcast: Avengers - Endgame.
What a difference a year makes...

DVO Podcast: Avengers – Endgame.

Erik and Neil talk about Endgame, and where it stacks up historically as a box office blockbuster.

Endgame continues to inch its way up the chain, nearing the mark where it enters cinematic history.  While we looked at it already in Nate’s fantastic spoiler-free write up, Erik and Neil sit down to hash out our take.  We examine our take on the  the film (with SPOILERS), while also looking at the big picture.  Is Endgame going to unseat Avatar or The Force Awakens as the top films of all time?  Does it deserve to?  What will the MCU  look like going forward?  We break it down.

DVO Podcast: Avengers - Endgame.
No, we’re not quite done talking about this movie yet.

Avengers:  Endgame (2019)

Thanos has destroyed half of the universe.  The remaining Avengers feel powerless in the wake of his attack.  One Avenger, thought dead, returns.  His plan to reverse the mad titan’s actions return hope to the team.  Can Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and their crew manage to undo history and save their friends?

DVO Podcast: Avengers – Endgame.

Time Stamps:

Part 1:  Movie Review – SPOILERS –  (2.30 – 26:30)

Part 2: Cinematic Legacy – (26:30 – 44:33)


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