DVO Podcast: Movie News Roundup August 2018.

DVO Podcast: Movie News Roundup August 2018.

Erik and Neil collect all of the smaller stories that caught our interest in August.

DVO Podcast: Movie News Roundup August 2018.
Sorry, Jay, I still think Rotten Tomatoes is more interested in the old guard.

Rather than devote yet another podcast to the constant shenanigans happening over at MoviePass, we decided to round-robin the news that caught our eye in August.  To be sure, we cover all of the flip flopping and price changes bedeviling customers of MoviePass.  We also discuss how history may have finally caught up with Woody Allen, how Orson Welles’ final film may finally be seeing the light of a movie projector after more almost 50 years of troubles, and how Rotten Tomatoes is shaking up their criteria for contributing critics.  While we’re hopeful RT is finally adding fresh perspectives, we’re a bit underwhelmed by their piecemeal embrace of new media.

Movie News Round Up – August 2018.

Time Stamps:

DVO Podcast: Movie News Roundup August 2018.
How do you follow this up? Bring Charlie Chaplin back from the dead for a 3 movie deal?!

1:05MoviePass alters the rules…again.  We hash out what all of the changes mean, and just how you go about actually watching a movie with the byzantine new rules.

17:55 – Warner Brothers may be having casting troubles with The Joker origin story.  We talk about rumors, and our hopes for the project.

26:30Netflix scores big, helping Orson Welles’ final film – The Other Side of the Wind – head to theaters after nearly 50 years in limbo.  Not bad for Netflix’ first entry into theatrical releases!

35:45 – The lack of shooting dates for a new Woody Allen film – and the indefinite shelving of his current film – point to Amazon looking to drop ties with the director after continued controversy.

38:35 – Rotten Tomatoes has altered the criteria for becoming a trusted critic, citing the need for diversity.  The change is welcome…but it still doesn’t seem that RT is fully embracing new media forms of film criticism.

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