DVO Podcast: Movie Pass…Over?

DVO Podcast: Movie Pass...Over?
We'll always have Baaghi 2, Movie Pass!

DVO Podcast: Movie Pass…Over?

What many thought too good to be true may have flown too high, too fast as Movie Pass faces big troubles.

Say it ain’t so!  The subscription movie ticket service, Movie Pass, has had a rough patch lately:  prices and policies are in flux, stock prices are dropping, and the shareholders may be looking for the exit.  Being early adopters, we’ve benefited enormously here at Deluxe Video Online from Movie Pass and their “I can’t believe they are doing this!” pricing structure.  Well, it looks as if the writing is on the wall for the service, unless there is a summer miracle in the offing.

DVO Podcast: Movie Pass...Over?
That’s one fickle audience!

Erik and I sit down to discuss the meteoric rise, the dubious strategy, and possible outcomes for Movie Pass and theater goers.  Tied up in all of this is a bigger discussion of the current model employed by theater chains such as AMC and their reluctance to adopt plans like Movie Pass.  As a ray of hope, we discuss a few ways Movie Pass may buck the odds, and other services that may be able to fill the gap of cheap tickets should the worst come to pass.

DVO Podcast: Movie Pass…Over?


Deluxe Video Online review of Movie Pass.

Movie Pass Stock Woes.

Movie Pass Cash Shortage.

Movie Pass Policy Changes.

Sinemia plans to expand to US markets with competing plan.

The Fallout.

Movie Pass CEO Mitch Lowe says that he foresees the company lasting the summer.  You can take that as optimism, inside baseball, or delusional thinking.  Either way, it’s going to be an interesting summer season every time we pull out the little red card to see a film.  Seeing as last year’s summer was one of the worst on record, Movie Pass is going to need the perfect alignment of events to have a fighting chance.

DVO Podcast: Movie Pass...Over?
We’ll always have Baaghi 2, Movie Pass!

Things are not all doom and gloom, however.  The Movie Pass experiment turned 2 million Americans into theater goers, many of whom may have remained firmly in front of Netflix otherwise.  For all the bravado, theater chains were shaking in their boots for a while, and this disruption caused them to start dreaming up ways to keep the Movie Pass boom without having the revenue sharing bust.  And other companies have seen what interest subscription based movie tickets can generate and are looking to tweak the formula for their own attempt.  Make the most of your red card while you can, and we’ll see you (hopefully!) at the movies!

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