DVO Podcast: Movie Spin-Offs.

DVO Podcast: Movie Spin-Offs.

We discuss the tidal wave of spin-off movies in theaters in 2018 and suggest the one-off movies we’d like to see.

Star Wars may have the most obvious movie spin-off of the year with Solo: A Star Wars Story, but 2018 seems unusually busy when it comes to films based on other films.  Next week we have Ocean’s 8 in theaters, a spin-off of the Ocean’s Eleven franchise (which is itself a remake!) and the latest trailer just dropped for another high profile offshoot, Venom.  Heck, even Deadpool himself is a spin-off of a spin-off, first appearing in X-Men Origins Wolverine!

DVO Podcast: Movie Spin-Offs.
You may have erased time, Deadpool, but we still remember!

Movie Spin-Offs.

DVO Podcast: Movie Spin-Offs.
Exactly what nobody asked for.

Not all films based off of another franchise are created equal.  For every Creed or Logan, you get a mind-boggling spin-off like Catwoman.  In the first part of our podcast, we discuss the year’s offerings and talk about what it takes to make a spin-off compelling.  We then pick our favorite and least favorite one-off before settling down the fun stuff: suggesting which characters or franchises deserve to get the spin-off treatment.  We break it down by all the major genres, from horror to comedy (and yes, we pick which super hero we feel needs to get their own film!)  Some of these suggestions sound like they should be arriving at theaters any day now (we want royalties, Hollywood.)

If you want to join the fun, drop a suggestion in the comments section about which film franchise you think deserves to get their own stand-alone movie.  I’m sure we can all come up with something better than a Yoda or Boba Fett Star Wars spin-off.  Hell, maybe they should go back to the well and drag out the Ewoks a third time!

DVO Podcast: Movie Spin-Offs.
Do we really need an origin story for this little green muppet?

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