Feature Announcement: Academy Awards Live Blog

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Academy Award Live Blog

spot castFor the second year in a row, we here at Deluxe Video Online will be live blogging the Oscars.  This February has been a mad dash to watch and review as many of the nominated films as possible (and with one week to go, we’ve still got a few reviews left on tap to share with you!)  As the culmination of the month long movie-fest, we’ll be doing a two part event:

Saturday, February 27th-  Erik and I will release our picks for the five major categories (as well as a few salty opinions about who or what should have been nominated but got snubbed!)  This is our third year of predictions, and the score is tied 1-1.  Who gets the bragging rights this year?

Sunday, February 28th-  The Academy Awards Live Blog.  We’ll go live on the site at 7 pm when the televised event begins on CBS.  Throughout the night we’ll have a running commentary of the proceedings, breaking down the categories in detail, keeping readers up to date on the winners and losers, and mercilessly mocking the acceptance speeches.

The revenant Box office Wrap upThis year’s Oscars has us in a bit of a bind.  With only a few films left unseen, I can’t personally say I have a clear winner for many of the categories.  Several categories seem to be missing nominees who I think clearly should have been in there…which brings us to our second problem:  how to address the glaring lack of people of color and the many great performances this year which were snubbed?  Many are boycotting the whole shebang.  We’ve decided to cover the event, but it wasn’t an easy decision.  If you want my take on the problem, tune in tomorrow for a Sunday Night Rant:  The Oscars, where I tackle the thorny issue and give my two cents.

If you’ve decided to watch the show, we hope you’ll join us![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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