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I'm Bout it

I’m Bout It

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I'm Bout It Movie Review

I recall when the I’m Bout It movie came out, I was a teen around 16 or so, I was all about counter-culture and love underground gangsta rap. I picked up on No Limit records fairly early on, I loved their music, it was gritty, different and had a sampling of their roster on every album.

In the pamphlet of every cd were advertisements of upcoming projects, one that caught my eye was the film I’m bout it. A hip hop film made by an independent artist? I was on board. For over a year they advertised this and added “banned in theatres”(suuure) but I special ordered it through my hometown music shop and after a year (possibly two) I’m bout it was finally mine.

Now I wont say it’s the finest movie ever made, but I watched the crap out of it. I still pop it in from time to time.

There are some films (we all have them) that are a snapshot of a particular point in your life. I’m bout it  is one of mine. The crude acting and cinematography doesn’t even phase me, all these years later it still has the same effect. Doesn’t hurt it has a killer soundtrack though…


I'm Bout It Movie ReviewSynopsisI'm Bout It Movie Review

Rapper and underground hip-hop mogul Master P made his film debut with this low-budget drama shot on the mean streets of New Orleans, LA. Perry  (Master P) grew up in the Projects in the Crescent City (a reference to CP3), where as a boy he began working as a drug runner for Friendly, a detective that is corrupt and out for his best interests. As he grew up, Perry, now known to his friends as P — has become a successful crack dealer, but he’s still under the control of the psycopathic Friendly.

P hatches a plan for a big score that will allow him to establish a nest egg so he can go legit and produce a rap album for his younger brother, Silkk (Vyshonne Miller, aka Silkk the Shocker). But between P’s lackadaisical partners, Friendly and his cohorts, and a bloodthirsty gang of Colombian cocaine dealers, his road out of the ghetto is a dangerous and risky path.

Master P co-wrote and co-directed I’m Bout It with co-star Moon Jones, as well as playing the lead role; a number of artists from his No Limit Records roster appear in the film and contribute to the nonstop hip-hop score.


IMO definitely worth checking out

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