Little Box Of Horrors: Same Schtick, Different State

Little Box of Horrors

Little Box of Horrors: Same Schtick, Different State

With a change of venue, I reexamine my quest for movies so bad they are good. Welcome to Little Box of Horrors 2.0!

Since I first began driving around looking for cringe-worthy movies, a few things have changed. On my end, work and health precluded me from going as far afield as I had originally desired. As such, once I worked my way through all the RedBoxes in the Portland and Lewiston areas, my output notably decreased. To anyone who looks forward to Little Box of Horrors, my apologies.

Little Box of Horrors
You’re not inspiring a ton of confidence in your original business model, guys.

The other changes largely come from how much easier it is to watch movies from any venue not named RedBox. MoviePass has significantly lowered my barriers when it comes to sitting in a theater to catch a film. As you can probably tell from our “What’s New on VOD” series, there isn’t a shortage of great films coming from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu either. In fact, even RedBox themselves have gotten in on the act: I receive more promos from RedBox’s new on demand service than I do for their kiosk selections.

As such, I’ve been questioning my dedication to gallivanting around looking for that rare movie that shoots for the toilet but ends up hitting the moon. But you see, I like Little Box of Horrors. A lot of our reviews are mainstream (except when they’re Bollywood). Bargain basement, straight to DVD fare deserves some love too.

When Neil and Erik decided to reinvigorate their Double Dare Reviews, I decided to give the scary red box another go. And what better way to kick it off, than in a new state?

I’m sure New Hampshire is thrilled!

Little Box of Horrors
“… watching bad movies!”
I think that’s how the quote ends.

What’s Staying?

I’ve dabbled around with the Little Box of Horrors formula from time to time. From different criteria to different viewing options, I’ve figured out what I like and loath about the feature. So here’s what’s staying.

  • New Review, New Box. Every time. I like scooting around to weird places, cataloging the invasive species that is RedBox. Now if I could find one inside a strip-club or a monastery, that would be cool.
  • Little Box of Horrors
    Even if that kiosk is blue. C’mon RedBox, you only had one job!

    Only RedBox. While using other services made life easy, it dilutes the concept. We’ve got Double Dare for all the other providers’ poo-poo. Little Box of Horrors will always be about the kiosk.

  • Snarky, but not mean spirited. I’ve always enjoyed opening up my vocabulary and letting the four letter words fly for Little Box of Horrors. One thing I’ve tried not to do is just dunk on garbage. The end goal is still the same: find a good movie in the least expected places. As such, I will continue to pick movies that I think have a legitimate shot, not just the easiest target. Nicholas Cage, you’re welcome.
  • Rotating themes. Picking a theme is the spice that makes the whole thing come together for me. While you can always expect to find one or two unique “I can’t believe this is a movie!” titles at RedBox, 99% of the titles they offer are the same at every kiosk. Going in with some thematic criteria keeps my creativity going, and keeps me from just picking cheeseball action movies every time.

What’s Changing?

  • I’d really love to get the reader involved. From picking said themes, or just getting a hot tip about a movie you’ve rented, I welcome it all. Part of the fun of Little Box of Horrors for me is talking to my coworkers about the latest film I got in the ring with. I’d love to open that up to anyone reading. Feel free to use the messaging feature at the bottom of any article I write; I check it frequently.
  • Little Box of Horrors
    Because Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week.

    Once a month. I can’t go cruising around all the time, but I’d like this series to be fairly reliable. So I’m going to promise you that every first week of the month, you’ll have a new bad movie to think about. Starting tomorrow. You’re welcome.

  • I’m going to summarize the reviews. At the end of the review, I’m going to make it a little clearer if the film is good, if it’s good because it’s bad, and whether it’s worth your $1.75 (Don’t think I didn’t see you raise your prices AGAIN, RedBox).
  • Check me out on Instagram. Both to keep me honest, and to further engage with our readers, I will be posting pictures and possibly videos from each month’s RedBox. Feel free to follow me at nwbw_deluxevideoonline on Instagram.

Little Box of Horrors: New Hampshire Edition

I hope you’ll like what’s changing as much as you enjoy what’s staying the same with Little Box of Horrors. If you have any other ideas, comments, or questions, feel free to get in touch! And if you see some bearded weirdo (I know, that’s pretty much all of New England) stalking your local RedBox, feel free to say hi. The movies may often bite, but I don’t.

Little Box of Horrors
The business model may be dying, but I’m still kicking!
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