Movie News: Chadwick Boseman Passes, Age 43.

Movie News: Chadwick Boseman Passes, Age 43.

The star of Black Panther and Marshall succumbed to a long battle with colon cancer.

2020 has taken an awful lot from us. With 180 thousand souls gone due to the pandemic, it can be hard to feel shock anymore when another name is added to the tally. We’ve lost a ton of stars already this year. For all of that, seeing that Chadwick Boseman has passed felt like a slap in the face. After decades of TV and supporting roles, he had just recently risen to prominence as one of film’s biggest leading men. It’s much too soon to lose his light.

Movie News: Chadwick Boseman Passes, Age 43.

Normally on the site, we celebrate the contributions of film greats with a collection of three of their best works. For such a young star, that approach doesn’t feel right.

First, it’s hard to really get a handle on which of his roles will become his legacy. It may seem obvious at the moment that his breakout performance in Black Panther will define his place in pop culture, but Boseman starred in several other big films, such as playing Jackie Robinson in 42 or Thurgood Marshall in 2017’s Marshall. Either of those roles would stand the test of time.

So young.

Second, Boseman’s star rose so fast yet shone so briefly. I frankly haven’t seen most of his work except for the big hits we mentioned above. It wouldn’t feel right to rush out a list with just surface level picks.

So, over the next couple weeks, I’m going to cover Chadwick Boseman’s legacy in film in detail. I feel like he deserves as much.

Rest in Power, King.

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