Movie News Roundup: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, and Ghost Rider reboots

Movie News Roundup.

This week we have several high profile reboots, some long dormant sequels, and plenty of trailers.

We have a plethora of movie news this week, after last week’s lull.  We have the new trailer for Rob Zombie’s latest horror movie,  two films may be getting sequels after more than a decade, and big Sci-Fi mainstays like Stargate and Battlestar Galactica may be heading to the big screens in the near future.  Let’s dive in.

Casting News

Jennifer Lawrence looking for Oscar gold with Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes biopic.

You're going to give me that damn golden statue!
You’re going to give me that damn golden statue!

Remember when J. Law barely missed winning an Oscar this year for playing a lady who invented a mop?  She appears to be upping the ante this time around by playing a lady who invented a fortune…by creating a blood testing regime that apparently A) doesn’t work and B) may not exist.  At least the last role had a fricking mop you could get behind.

This is a bad pick for Lawrence.  This story is still breaking.  How do you play it?  Do you show Elizabeth Holmes, the embattled CEO of Theranos, as a villain and risk convicting her in the court of public opinion before all the facts are out?  Do you show her as a maligned female entrepreneur who attempted to help millions with her screening technology, only to have it revealed that she was indeed a scam artist?  There’s no upside here.  I’d steer clear of this mess in the making.

Norman Reedus in for Ghost Rider reboot.

Can't get any worse at least.
Can’t do any worse at least.

This is one is a bit of a lark, but Uproxx put Norman Reedus, the motorcycle enthusiast and Walking Dead survivor (and star of Sci-Fi flick, Air, which we covered here) on the spot by asking if he would be down to play the flaming-skulled anti-hero Ghost Rider.  He replied yes, with a few expletives added in for emphasis.  No news from Marvel, but hey, Norman Reedus is currently white hot and down, so I’m going to assume this will be a thing.

Mackenzie Davis to join Blade Runner sequel.

The follow up to Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner is gaining steam, though letting off very little light.  Harrison Ford and Robin Wright are reprising their roles from the first film, and Scott is producing…but not directing the decades dormant sequel.  Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) is attached, and now so is Mackenzie Davis.  You may recognize her from another Ridely Scott hit, The Martian, and her involvement was made official this week.  Besides the returning cast, no information about roles or plot have been released.

New Movies News

Battlestar Galactica heading, finally, to the big screen.

Great, now I have to go rewatch all four seasons. Thanks Hollywood.
Great, now I have to go re-watch all four seasons. Thanks Hollywood.

Battlestar Galactica has been in development hell since 1978, when the much loved but commercially nonviable series was canceled after one season.  The property went through many iterations since then, the most notable being the SyFy channel’s 4 season adaptation that garnered big numbers and a die-hard fan-base.  Several people, including X-Men director Bryan Singer have been attached to a big screen version, but nothing has ever come to fruition until now.

Lisa Joy, the writer behind Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, and this year’s reboot of Westworld, has taken on the mammoth task, and early talks from Universal say they want Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) to direct.  Inside word is that this will be at least a trilogy, and I have to say I love what Joy has done in the past with her scripts.  Make this happen, Hollywood.

Stargate universe reboot in new Hollywood trilogy.

Where will it take us this time?
Where will it take us this time?

Roland Emmerich, the director behind 1994’s original Stargate movie (and the recently revived franchise, Independence Day) has pitched a 3 movie deal to MGM in order to re-invent the Stargate franchise.  The film will jettison much of the lore of the first movie and follow up television series in order to start anew.  The project is in the pitch stage, so 3 movies, 1 movie, or no movies are all equally possible outcomes.  The performance of this month’s Independence Day: Resurgence will likely go a long way towards determining the fate of this project.

Mel Gibson hopes you remember Passion of the Christ, none of the things that happened afterwards.

When you fuck up big time (as Mel has) and make a ton of enemies (as Mel has) you need to remind people of all the good things you have done.  So you make another Lethal Weapon movie!  So you make another Passion of the Christ movie!  Wait, what?!  You got yourself into hot water with a bunch of religious bigotry, and you think the best cover for that is to make another Biblical epic?  Waiter, I want whatever that man is drinking.

Your sentence? A sequel and more time spent with Mel.
Your sentence? A sequel and more time spent with Mel.

Gibson has teamed up with Randall Wallace, who wrote Gibson’s Oscar winning Braveheart movie, and Wallace has confirmed that a script for The Passion 2 is in the works.  The Braveheart team back together!?  That’s amazing, sign me up…but lets get real here.  Gibson has been persona non grata for nearly a decade now after his anti-Semitic behavior and drunkenness became public.  Wallace’s last writing gig was Heaven’s For Real, so it’s not like he’s been penning amazing material lately.  Passion of the Christ was more notorious than notable, and a sequel is going to be missing the gory action that made the first film such a conversation piece.  I think we’re also past the peak of the movies pandering to Christians, so that’s three reasons right there why this project is in trouble before it even starts.

New Trailers



Thoughts:  Yup, it’s a Rob Zombie movie alright.  A crazy killer clown cult versus the cast of Easy Rider 2, can’t say this is showing me anything new.  Production values look great, though.

Pete’s Dragon


Thoughts:  Well, you can pretty much skip the movie since they pretty much showed you everything important in this trailer.  Thanks, Disney.



Thoughts:  Yes please.  I love the original movies (and Yul Brynner) so I had reservations, but this trailer put them all to rest.  Looks great, sounds great, has some great talent attached to it, and HBO is firing on all cylinders for its series as of late.  Saddle up for this one.




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