Movie News Roundup: Bryan Cranston, Alien: Covenant, Ultraman X

Movie News Roundup.

Bryan Cranston has a new trailer and a new movie role, Ridley Scott is giving Aliens another go, and Ultraman celebrates his 50th birthday with a new feature film.

Casting News

Anna Kendrick looking to eat nuts, kick butts as The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

Movie News Roundup
Eats nuts, kicks butts. Nuff Said.

This one is a bit of a lark, since every week we seem to get another Hollywood star opining about which hero Marvel role they’d be right for…but since Squirrel Girl is currently my favorite Marvel title, I’m going to help make this a thing.  Anna Kendrick, though somewhat questionable on her lore, says she would like to play Squirrel Girl if Marvel were to come knocking.  That’s not much to go on.  I don’t particularly care who plays the bushy tailed Avenger, but I would love to see this project happen.

For the un-initiated, Squirrel Girl is a heroine with all the powers of both squirrels and girls, and she has defeated some of the biggest names in the Marvel universe.  She’s a bit of a joke character, but under writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson, she has become a fantastic character with Deadpool levels of smart comedy.  Make this happen, Marvel.

Bryan Cranston dishes on Power Rangers, his role as Zordon

Movie News Roundup
Sup, bitches.

Bryan Cranston, who provided voice talent to the original American dub of the Might Morphing Power Rangers series gave his thoughts on his involvement with the new motion picture.  He’ll be playing the character Zordon, a galactic intelligence that guides the teenage Rangers in their struggles against Rita Repulsa.  He candidly talked about the camp and silliness of the original, and about how the new film is taking a much more mature look at teenage problems (not associated with fighting giant creatures in a robot.)  He went on to characterize the new tone as “unrecognizable” to the TV series, but said that key lore is being retained.  Who knows, maybe they’ll give him more screen time than Godzilla did…

Mel Gibson returns to the big screen in Blood Father

Movie News Roundup
Beyond Racist Thunderdome…

Two Mel Gibson stories in one month, there must be a sale on schlitz in Australia!  Gibson’s latest film, Blood Father, premiered at Cannes and is set to make its North American debut at Fantasia Fest this month.  The story centers upon Gibson as an ex convict who must use his criminal past to thwart a drug cartel that is targeting his daughter.  The film is set to make a limited release in August 2016.

Keifer Sutherland to appear in Flatliners remake

Niels Arden Oplev (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) is remaking Flatliners for Sony pictures, and has just scored Keifer Sutherland.  Sutherland starred in the 1990 original, and will play a doctor in the new film, though no word about his new role’s connection to the first film.  The premise of the movie is a medical breakthrough that allows people to stop their hearts long enough to study the afterlife.  A group of med students illicitly try the process, opening a doorway for supernatural forces to enter the real world.  The film begins shooting this month.

Movie News Roundup
Um, this probably will turn out just fine…

New Movies

Alien:  Covenant to be second part of Alien prequel trilogy

So we're all agreed this never happened?
So we’re all agreed this never happened?

Ridley Scott is sticking it out with his concept of a pre-Alien trilogy.  The first film, Prometheus, was not exactly a critical darling, and I have to say despite amazing visuals, it was a sack of turds.  Scott is soldiering on, but apparently performing a soft reset here with a new cast and new premise.  A colony ship called Covenant is searching for habitable planets when it discovers an apparent paradise with an odd inhabitant:  David, the murderous android from Prometheus.  Much like Aliens 3, this change in tack seems to kill off a previous protagonist off-screen in order to refocus the franchise.  Of course, Aliens 3 sucked, so take the comparison for what it is worth.  This one is slated for an August 2017 launch.

Sam Raimi back to his horror roots with Don’t Breathe

news dontHot off the great first season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead (more on that below) director Sam Raimi is returning to theaters this month with a new horror movie, Don’t Breathe.  The film follows a group of teens who break into a blind man’s home, hoping for an easy smash and grab from a vulnerable tenant.  What they get, of course, is a nightmare occupant who has heightened senses he uses for murder.  His seeing-eye-dog is probably Cujo or something.  This film is getting a lot of hype from conventions, and of we do love Sam Raimi here at Deluxe Video Online, so expect our review of this film in a jiffy.

Ultraman X:  The Movie celebrates 50 years of Japanese robot fighting action

Meh, I've seen worse.
Meh, I’ve seen worse.

This project was iffy for the longest time, but apparently all engines are go for a big-screen version of one of the most iconic monster fighters from Japan, Ultraman.  Debuting in 1966, this franchise has been a television and straight-to-video staple for 50 years, and we’ll finally be getting a dose of his rubber monster mashing techniques stateside.  The international release is July 2016, with rumors of an English dub making its way to the US before the year is out.

New Trailers

Deep Water Horizon


Thoughts:  Apparently every disaster of the decade is ripe for a Marky Mark blockbuster.  Skip this and go clean oil off a sea otter instead.

The Infiltrator


Thoughts:  Drug cartel movies have struggled at the box office as of late.  I don’t see this one making a big splash, but that doesn’t mean it looks bad.  In fact, it looks pretty damn engrossing.  Check it out.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2


Thoughts:  Amazing.  The greatest thing since chainsaw-sliced bread.  What did you think I was going to say?  Hail to the king, baby.


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