Movie News Roundup: Thor news, Mission Impossible 6, Phantasm sequel

Movie News Roundup: Thor news

Movie News Roundup: Thor news, Mission Impossible 6, Phantasm Ravager and other new trailers.

While casting news and movie announcements are a tad slow this week, we have a tidal wave of hot new trailers to surf through.  Tsunami, Snake. Tsunami.

Another week with fresh news:  Thor Ragnarok is turning into a Jurassic Park reunion party with their latest casting leak, the DC universe also has some venerable talent joining their leagues, and Jared Leto is going to play another eccentric crazy person.  What a stretch!  We also are chock-a-block with hot new trailers that run the gamut from niche horror to kung-fu greatness.

Casting News

Sam Neill reunites with Jeff Goldblum on the set of Thor: Ragnarok.

Movie News Roundup: Thor news
You don’t think they invited the T Rex…oh crap!

Sam Neill told interviewers that he shot some footage for Marvel’s new Thor movie.  While doing a presser for his latest film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, he confirmed that he’ll be having a small role, though he was under orders to keep his confirmation vague.  Really, Marvel?  I love Sam Neill, despite having one too many L’s in his name, but I don’t think his casting is going to shake the firmaments if it comes out early.  If you’re not already down for an intergalactic buddy film about a Norse God and a green rage monster, I don’t think Dr. Alan Grant doing a super secret walk-on is going to light a fire under you.

J.K. Simmons will play Commissioner Gordon for the Justice League film.

Academy Award winner and former grumpy Daily Bugle Editor J.K. Simmons is gearing up for another comic book movie role, this time as Gotham City’s bat signal attendant James Gordon.  While the confirmation was specific to the Justice League film, it’s hard to imagine DC and Warner Brothers would ink a deal for Commissioner Gordon and not include him in Ben Affleck’s upcoming Batman film, which will release before Justice League.Movie News Roundup: Thor news

Jared Leto to play Andy Warhol in a new biopic.

Movie News Roundup: Thor news
You’ve got a brass set trying to fill David Bowie’s shoes.

Maybe The Joker was just a warm up?  A new biopic about the eccentric artist and cultural gad fly Andy Warhol is being penned by Terrence Winter (Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos) and will feature Oscar winner Jared Leto as Warhol.  Leto is starting to lock down the crazy and erratic role market, but it’s hard to see where he goes from here.  Kim Jong-Il?  Is it too soon for Leto to play Christian Bale?  I just don’t know.

New Movies

Tom Cruise commits to Mission Impossible 6.

Movie News Roundup: Thor news
Your mission: shit out another sequel and laugh all the way to the bank.

Despite a lengthy salary squabble, Tom Cruise has signed on to reprise his role in the Mission Impossible franchise.  Other returning talent includes Christopher McQuarrie, who will once again write and direct for the 6th installment, after having also done the same for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.  This is the first time the franchise has kept the same director for a second film; John Woo, J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird and Brian De Palma have all had solo outings in the director’s chair for the series.

The money struggle between Cruise and Paramount has pushed the expected release date to the later months of 2017.

The Hollow gets a VOD release date for October.

Movie News Roundup: Thor newsJames Callis, William Forsythe and Jeff Fahey’s latest crime drama about a mysterious triple homicide in a sleepy backwater town is taking the home market approach.  The film, which some say blends elements of Twin Peaks and Blood Simple, tells the story of FBI agents investigating the murder of a congressman’s daughter in a Mississippi town ruled by an erratic sheriff and inhabited by folks who all seem to have something to hide.

The film is set to have a limited theatrical release and simultaneous VOD release of October 7th.

New Trailers

Phantasm:  Ravager


Thoughts:  even for a series that prides itself on schlock and squiffy visuals, this trailer looks decidedly cut-rate.  I’m glad The Tall Man is back for this installment, but not having Don Coscarelli in the director’s chair really shows.

Resident Evil: Vendetta


Thoughts:  this movie is living in the past.  Resident Evil is desperate to re-brand itself these days, after the fiascos that were the last two games.  This movie looks like a montage from the cut scenes in both those stinkers.  I’m sure Capcom is just trying to curry favor with the die-hards, but they should let this zombie plague just burn itself out already.



Thoughts:  a gorgeous sci-fi movie with a great cast…that feels completely generic.  I want to feel good about it, but it just feels really boring and homogenous.  Maybe 5 years ago this movie would get my attention.

Birth of the Dragon


Thoughts:  can you take my money right now?  The martial arts biopic seems the only way to get a decent chop-socky film made these days (unless you’re The Rizza or Keanu Reeves…Hollywood, you know you want to make that Rizza/Tony Jaa versus Keanu/Tiger Chen movie I floated you.  Call me.)

Ghost in the Shell


Thoughts:  aside from the poor quality of the stitched together teasers, this movie actually seems to be doing everything right.  I love the visuals, love the cast, and really want to see this adaptation.  Plus, a pissed off Takeshi Kitano is a happy Takeshi Kitano.

Bad Santa 2


Thoughts:  not sure here.  I thought the first movie would be dog shit, but actually found it to be really funny.  I currently think this one looks like dog shit…can they prove me wrong a second time?


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