Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3 Rumors, Harley Quin Movie, Battle Angel Alita News

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3

Movie News Roundup:  Wolverine 3 Mystery, Harley Quin Movie, Battle Angel Alita Casting News.

We’ve got this week’s dose of casting news, new film announcements and brand new trailers.

We’re back and it only took a week to find enough news worth reporting!  As seems like the norm these days, we have a ton of comic book adaptations making announcements, and a long stalled out development of one of my favorite Japanese manga is finally getting some traction.  Great news!

Casting News

Benicio Del Toro set to star in new Predator movie.

20th Century Fox and Benicio Del Toro seem set to team up for yet another attempt to revive the Predator franchise.  The iconic alien who first clashed with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 has resurfaced periodically and had 3 solo movies and 2 films paired off against the creature from Alien, but has never really found success beyond the iconic 80’s original.  Maybe the sixth time is the charm?

After Arnie, the Predator has been opposed by Danny Glover, Adrien Brody, and now Benicio Del about peaking early!
After Arnie, the Predator has been opposed by Danny Glover, Adrien Brody, and now Benicio Del Toro…talk about peaking early!

Alita: Battle Angel nails down main leads.

Yes, please.
Yes, please.

Battle Angel Alita is a dark cyber-punk dystopian fantasy series from Japan, nearly as famous for it’s creator’s mercurial temperament as it is for its fantastic and gory visuals and deeply philosophical plot.  It focuses on a young cyborg named Alita who is rescued from a garbage heap by a renegade cyber doctor.  As she assists Dr. Ido in his clandestine career as a bounty hunter, Alita discovers that she is an expert martial artist and cold-blooded fighter with a shadowy connection to a floating utopia that hovers over the misery of the junk yard that is now her home.

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3
Do it!!!

James Cameron has held the rights to this live action adaptation for nearly a decade, but had never made concrete steps to realize his vision of a trilogy based on the long running manga.  Now that Cameron is tied up with a billion Avatar movies, director Robert Rodriguez (Grindhouse, Machete Kills) has been given the project.  Rodriguez has lined up Rosa Salazar (Insurgent, The Maze Runner Scorch Trials) to play the titular lead and Christopher Waltz (Spectre) to play Dr. Ido.  This week the film added Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) to play the unnamed villain of the film.  Could Haley be playing Dr. Nova, Ido’s evil counterpart?  I’m thrilled this movie is happening, intrigued to see how Rodriguez handles the dark themes of the story, and excited for Haley to be attached to the project.

Pacific Rim 2 announces Cailee Spaeny as female lead opposite John Boyega.

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3Pacific Rim 2, also known as Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, had added Cailee Spaeny, a relative unknown, to the production to play the female protagonist.  Earlier casting news has John Boyega (Star Wars The Force Awakens, Attack the Block) playing the role of Idris Elba’s character’s son.  Scott Eastwood is also named on the casting list, though his role is not specified.

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is a follow up to Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 giant monster fighting original, Pacific Rim.  Though Del Toro is unable to direct the follow up, he is producing the project and worked on the script.  With a release date set for 2018 (pushed back from 2017) the film is still in the very early stages.  Steven DeKnight (Smallville, Netflix’s Daredevil) is taking over the directing duties this time around.

New Movies

GI Joe 3 gets delayed due to The Rock being in a hard place.

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3
Oh no, how will we ever survive not having a sequel to this?

Dwayne Johnson is making a lot of movies.  The delay of GI Joe 3 is only the tip of the iceberg, since lets face it, that series is a bit crap.  The movies he’s making INSTEAD  of GI Joe 3 is the really juicy news.  The Rock is set to star in Disney’s Moana this year, and he’s set to do sequels for Fast and Furious and San Andreas as well.  Getting even better is all of the remakes Johnson is rumored to be attached to:



-Big Trouble in Little China

If it was anyone but The Rock, I’d be foaming at the mouth over that last one.  He’s also working on another season of his show Ballers, and is attached to DC’s Shazam! movie as the villainous Black Adam, and is going to be in another comic-book adaptation, Doc Savage.  That’s a busy schedule.  Maybe invest in energy drinks?

Margot Robbie inks deal to star and become the executive producer for Harley Quin spin-off.

Margot Robbie is having a great time, post Suicide Squad.  She’s worked a deal with Warner Bros. to continue on in the DC CU as Harley Quin in a stand alone movie, and she’s gotten first look rights for several upcoming projects from the studio.  In interviews, she’s said that she plan for Harley to be a part of the DC line-up for quite some time.  It looks like Robbie and Affleck are going have quite a bit of say in stabilizing the DC universe going forward.

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3
Meet the new boss.

Wolverine 3 a stepping stone to Mr. Sinister in the X-Men universe?

Movie News Roundup: Wolverine 3
I guess…but I still would have preferred they do Old Man Logan.

This is bit of a lark, as the director of the untitled third Wolverine film has been throwing shade on social media about the “confirmation” of Mr. Sinister for the film…but come on.  The stinger for X-Men Apocalypse had Essex corporation stooges mopping up Logan’s blood, and Nathaniel Essex is one of Sinister’s aliases.  Sinister also figures into the death of Wolverine story arc, though not as the main antagonist.  He tries to collect Logan’s DNA after his demise in order to create a clone to use against the X-Men.

If I had to bet, Mr. Sinister will make small appearances in the next Wolverine movie, setting him up for a larger role as the antagonist for whatever X movie follows.  A juicier rumor is that Liev Schrieber, who played Sabertooth in the awful X-Men Origins movie has been on set and may be reprising his role. Sabertooth has a nice cameo in the comics, and it would be nice to have a bit of closure.


New Trailers

Nocturnal Animals


This teaser doesn’t quite give me any sense of the final product, but it does shine a light on all of the talent attached to the film.  Wait for some more news from this project.

Free Fire



I’m down.  Sharlto Copley stole my heart after his performance in Hardcore Henry, Cillian Murphy is always fun to watch, and Brie Larson sure is diversifying her movie choices after her stellar turn in the Oscar winning drama, Room.  That the film seems to be centered around a protracted stand-off in one room for most of the film could be a ton of fun.




Another winner.  Owen Wilson and Ed Helms seem well suited to each other, and the film has enough laughs in the trailer to get me interested.

Fifty Shades Darker



Ha ha ha…nope.  That the trailer is trying to get you to forget the abysmal first movie right off the bat is telling.  Leave this fatuous fan-fic tied up in the dungeon.


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