Movie News Roundup: Young Han Solo, Space Jam 2, and Justice League Upheaval

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Movie News Roundup.

In the wake of Marvel’s latest hit (and DC’s latest lackluster outing) there are major changes happening over at WB.  We’ve got more information on the Power Rangers motion picture, as well as the new trailer for Voltron, the property Power Rangers shamelessly copied on their rise to fame.  Catch up on this weeks movie news and rumors with our Movie News Roundup.

Casting News

Alden Ehrenreich will be your new Han Solo.

Movie News Roundup Solo
Will he shoot first though?

The ink is pretty much dry on a deal to make Alden Ehrenreich your new co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon in Solo.  While his name may seem obscure, Ehrenreich is hot off a stint in the Cohen brother’s period comedy, Hail Caesar!, and has worked with several impressive directors in the past:  Francis Ford Coppola (Twixt, Tetro), Park Chan-Wook (Stoker), and Woody Allen (Blue Jasmine.)  That’s pretty rarefied company for a young actor.   I’m not quite sold on his baby-faced look for Solo (I like my nerf herders to be a bit more scruffy looking) but you can’t say the guy hasn’t got the chops for the gig.

LeBron James to Jam in Space?

Movie News Roundup Space Jam 2
The chances of this being good…

On again, off again, Space Jam 2 has been given yet another stay of execution.  WB is in works with LeBron James for a media partnership, and there are fairly credible sources reporting that not only is he on board for a Space Jam sequel, but director Andrew Lin (Fast and Furious 6) is going to be behind the camera.  Hot on the heels of this revelation, Joe Pytka (who directed the 1996 original) pretty much put the project on blast, saying it was “doomed.”  Badee Badee, that’s all folks!

New Cast, New Suits for Power Rangers film.

Movie News Roundup Power rangers

We’ve already seen the new look for Rita Rupulsa, but now we finally (?) get a chance to see our five teens with attitude all suited up…and it looks dubious.  The backstory supplied is that the costumes are semi-sentient and bond to their host, so they have a definite exo-skeleton vibe going.  I guess they also are semi-sexist too, since they know to highlight the female rangers’ boobs and to give them high-heels instead of boots to fight in.  Ugh.  At least they know to also give the dudes wash-board abs, because that is super important when creating functional armor.

The cast line-up has been confirmed:  Dacre Montgomery (A Few Less Men,) Red Ranger; RJ Cyler (Me Earl and the Dying Girl,) Blue Ranger; Ludi Lin (Monster Hunt,) Black Ranger; Becky G, Yellow Ranger; Naomi Scott (The 33,) Pink Ranger.  I defy you to know who any of those people are.

Ben Affleck’s new Justice League role:  Executive Producer!

Movie News Roundup Ben Affleck
It’s on.

WB/DC are in a scramble trying to right the ship that Superman and Zack Snyder punched full of holes.  WB tried to fix the situation by announcing that Ben Affleck would be directing as well as starring in the new Batman film…except that deal was not finalized and ended up pissing their only bankable star/character off.  To make amends (both to Ben and to fans) WB is in full crisis control mode: now Affleck is not only in charge of the future Batman project, but he’s also gotten Executive Producer power over the upcoming Justice League film.  This is a major power play that pushes Snyder (and the metric ton of hatred he’s amassed from fans) to the sidelines.  Snyder is still directing the next WB/DC movie…but Affleck has creative control and is already retooling the script.  Ouch, Zack, you just got a taste of the Jason Todd treatment.

Movie News Roundup
Sorry, Zack.

In other DC news, Aquaman and The Flash are both experiencing talent-flight, with directors and stars heading for the aisles.  Wow, Warner Bros. is looking to have a full fledged riot on their hands here.

New Movie Announcements

Interview with the Vampire remake?

Fire? No, that's just Warner Brothers imploding around us!
Fire? No, that’s just Warner Brothers imploding around us!

Warner Brothers (you know, the clown show we just talked about?) is trying to make hay with their expiring license for Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle series by remaking Interview with the Vampire.  Rice has a new book in the series out recently, Prince Lestat, and WB was hoping to rekindle their franchise (which made money with Interview, but collapsed in ruin after 2002’s flop, Queen of the Damned) by working on earlier books in the series focussed around the vampire Lestat.  To this end they brought in director Josh Boone, who decided that reworking Interview with the Vampire would be a stronger move, if only he could get Jared Leto for the role of Lestat.  A script is in the works, but no deal has been made casting wise at this point.

Rumors abound for New Mutants film.

Josh Boone, a busy man indeed these days, also spilled some beans about the upcoming X-Men spin-off, New Mutants.  The character of Professor X has been confirmed…but not the actor who will play the central mutant mentor.  The line up of new mutants has been bandied about, with Wolfsbane, Sunspot and Warpath (the latter of which appeared briefly in Days of Future Past) being the top contenders for the core team.  Rumors that Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) was going to be Wolfsbane have been quashed by the studio.  All in all, there’s a lot of smoke but very little visible fire coming from Fox, which is currently in a bit of a pickle with a raft of negative press dogging the latest X-Men film, Apocalypse.

The saviors?
The saviors?

Tired of waiting for this summer’s movies?  Robert Rodriguez Film announced with 2115 release date.

Pretentious taken to a whole new level.
Pretentious taken to a whole new level.

Remy Martin, the expensive cognac for rappers and country club aristocracy, has commissioned a film by Robert Rodriguez that will be sealed in a time capsule for 100 years.  That period is set to mirror the 100 year aging process of the finest cognacs, and to cause apoplexy from fans of Rodriguez’ work.  Starring John Malkovich, the project has been swirling in secrecy for some time now.  Remy Martin wants you only to know that this film is a thing, probably a costly thing, that you will never ever get to experience.  Just like their hooch.  Fuck them, and fuck everyone attached to this publicity stunt.

New Trailers

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