Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.

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Movie News Roundup:  Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.

It’s sequel news city here today on Deluxe Video Online…but we also have some excellent new trailers and news about exciting new movies.

As we near the end of the year, many films are pushing up their release dates in order to sneak into Oscar contention for the calendar year.  Martin Scorsese has one such film, Silence, that has had folks worried that it would miss the crucial window.  Good news on that front for fans of Scorsese.  We also have a lot of news about sequels, some of which are coming out of left field.  Mary Poppins 2?  Seriously?  Yes, seriously.

Casting News

Ocean’s Eight to feature all female leads.

The latest addition to the Ocean’s # franchise is counting backwards, and is taking the series in a different direction.  While still focused on daring heists, this go around the film will feature an all female cast, as opposed to the all male cast of the previous entries.

The list of talent is eclectic but exciting, adding serious actresses, comedians, and even pop-stars into the mix.  So far, we have Sandra Bullock in the lead role, followed closely by Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, and Elizabeth Banks.  Recent news adds Rihanna and Awkwafina to the mix.  The film is directed by Gary Ross and is due out in June of 2018.

Mary Poppins 2 to feature Emily Blunt…and Julie Andrews?

Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.Emily Blunt has been tapped to play the practically perfect live-in nanny, but she may be getting some help from an old pro:  recent news points to former Poppins star Julie Andrews to have a cameo role in the sequel to one of her most iconic roles, and her chimney sweeping help-mate Dick Van Dyke is also being given a small role.

The film, dubbed Mary Poppins Returns, will feature the grown up Banks children, who are reeling from a personal loss.  Into their stressful adult lives returns Marry Poppins, who helps them to recapture the wonder of their childhood adventures.  The film is directed by Rob Marshall and will release in December of 2018.

Blade Runner 2 to be called Blade Runner:2049, adds Jared Leto to cast.

Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.The Blade Runner sequel finally has an official name:  Blade Runner – 2049.  Starring Harrison Ford, Robin Wright, and Ryan Gosling, this film is still shrouded in mystery about the plot…especially since the setting of 30 years into the franchise’s future opens up a can of worms about the replicant life span.  To this cast we can add Jared Leto, though once again no news has surfaced about his role (though to be honest, you know he’s going to be playing the crazy one.)

The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve and will make it to theaters…and Oculus Rift in the fall of 2017.  Other VR sets are also in talks to feature the film, but no news has been releases as of yet about if the VR release will be simultaneous with theater releases, which is scheduled for October of 2017.

Movie News

Martin Scorsese latest film Silence pulls into 2016 release date.

Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.There has been trepidation about Martin Scorsese’s newest project.  The film, Silence, is based on the popular novel by Shusaku Endo, which is about a pair of Jesuit missionaries who travel to Japan in the 17th century to proselytize and to discover the whereabouts of their mentor who disappeared years ago.  The film features Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Liam Neeson.

The film was originally well over 3 hours long, and it was drifting into a February 2017 release date, which would put it out of consideration for the awards season…while the awards season would be in full swing.  That’s a suicide pill for a long artistic drama.  Luckily Scorsese has cut the film down to a 2 1/2 hour run time, and he has whipped it into shape in time for a limited December release.

Jordan Peele trades laughs for screams with his new film, Get Out.

A new trailer dropped for comedian Jordan Peele’s new film, and people were shocked:


Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.First, it’s a horror.  Second, it’s a goddamn scary horror movie.  Peele wrote and directed the feature, and I’m excited to see it.  In interviews, Peele talked about being inspired by cult favorite The Stepford Wives (the scary as hell one from 1975, not the dark comedy from 2004) and was interested in making a horror that also functioned as a satire.  Sign me up for that!

Get Out releases February 2017 and features Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams.

Super Troopers 2 movie forward with 2017 release, reunites team from original.

Movie News Roundup: Mary Poppins, Super Troopers and Blade Runner sequels.After turning to IndieGoGo to get crowd funding, the team at Broken Lizard made double their asking budget, and now we’re close to witnessing the results.  The sequel follows the original team of Vermont State Troopers from the comedy cult classic from 2001.  Luckily, it also features the original team of comedians from the 2001 indie hit.  Jay Chandrasekhar is returning to star and direct the project, which is slated to drop in 2017.

New Trailers

King Cobra


Thoughts:  Well, it is IFC Midnight, so you have to expect titillation.  Kudos to them for not trying to make the jokes off of the back of gay stereotypes.  In fact, the frank and sexy look at homosexual pornography feels well handled.  The performances are solid, including some surprise turns by names like Christian Bale, Molly Ringwald and James Franco.  This looks good.

John Wick 2


Thoughts:  Give it to me.  Give it to me now.  It seems to take all of the best parts of the first one and have a story more developed than “some dudes killed my dog, now I need to kill 850 Russian mobsters.”  Plus the film reunites Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne.  I hope to god they snark the hell out of each other about Matrix references.

Power Rangers


Thoughts:  Jesus jumped up and tapped danced, this trailer is solid.  My favorite part is that Elizabeth Banks’ Rita looks terrifying and competent.  We desperately need good villains in this sea of forgettable baddies that comic book movies throw at us.



Thoughts:  Didn’t Brad Pitt already make this movie once?  Oh, wait, he’s not with Angelina anymore, so he gets to reboot Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Looks OK.  Not great.  OK.

Gimme Danger


Thoughts:  The fact that this is a bumper year for documentaries about punk rock mean that any individual punk rock-u-mentary easily gets lost.  I love Iggy Pop, but this just feels kinda routine.



Thoughts:  It’s Jim Jarmusch.  That means I’m going to see it.  It also means it is going to be surreal and subdued, and the “dark comedy” billing is going to disappoint many as the comedy is extremely situational and restrained.  Still, looks like Adam Driver woke up along with the Force and is making a slew of good indie movies.

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