Box Office Wrap Up: Sully Lands First Place

Box Office Wrap Up.

Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks took first place with Sully, while The Disappointments Room earned its name.

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Box Office Wrap Up
Oh, yeah, back in style!

Sully, the story of “The Miracle on the Hudson” water landing and the struggles of the pilot had a solid first week, making 35 million and taking first place.  That is the biggest opening weekend for director Clint Eastwood (though he does tend to roll out his movies gradually, letting critical response do the heavy lifting…just look at American Sniper which opened to 633,000 dollars, but made 350 million over its lifetime!)  It is also the strongest first week for Tom Hanks since 2009’s Angels and Demons, not counting his voice work for the Toy Story franchise.

Second place went to When the Bough Breaks, another new release, which already has turned a nice profit.  It has a decent CinemaScore, though critics seem to be thrilled to bash it.  Not sure how much legs this piece will have.

The Wild Life, an animated riff on the Robinson Crusoe story focused on the animals of the island, was good enough for 5th place, though without any figures for the budget, its ultimate success is hard to pin down.  It certainly is not a run-away success at 3 million dollars, so Lionsgate is still not a contender in the animated feature genre as of yet.

Box Office Wrap Up
Lock it up and throw away the key.

The last new film, The Disappointments Room, failed to scare up any interest.  It debuted at the 17th position and took in a week 1 million dollars, against a 15 million dollar budget.  The title of the film is not doing the project any favors:  it sounds like a Rob Schneider biopic, and it has disappointment front and center.  Not your best first impression.

Top Ten Movies

(in millions)

1.   Sully  (35.0)

2.  When the Bough Breaks  (14.2)

3.  Don’t Breathe  (8.2)

4.  Suicide Squad  (5.7)

5.  The Wild Life  (3.3)

6.  Kubo and the Two Strings  (3.3)

7.  Pete’s Dragon  (3.1)

8.  Bad Moms  (2.5)

9.  Hell or High Water  (2.4)

10.  Sausage Party  (2.3)

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