Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
More, more, more!

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)

Through humor, action, and story, Deadpool proves he’s the real deal in an excellent second effort.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
This turkey has all of the trimmings.

Don’t call it a comeback!  Ryan Reynolds shows that the success of the sarcastic, 4th wall breaking mercenary Deadpool wasn’t dumb luck in a sequel that improves on the original in pretty much every way.  The outrageous humor is back and more confrontational, the big action sequences are bigger, the roster of heroes is more impressive, and the story stands tall among the best Fox’s X-Men has had to offer.  If you liked the first film, you’re going to be thrilled with the sequel, which is a statement few super-hero movies get to make.

Deadpool 2 (2018).

Deadpool has taken his hero for hire gig global, but when tragedy strikes close to home Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is forced to reevaluate the whole being a super-hero thing.  His friends on the X-Men try to give him purpose by showing him the benefits of keeping it clean and PG-rated, but things don’t go to plan when he meets a powerful young mutant who is being abused by an anti-mutant orphanage.  To make matters worse, a renegade time traveler named Cable (Josh Brolin) shows up, trying to kill the boy to prevent a future tragedy.  Wade decides he’s going to need to put together his own super team if he’s to save the kid and stop Cable.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
Trust Wade to bring two katanas to a gun fight.

Bigger, Bolder, Deadpool-ier.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
The action in DP 2 is the best in the whole X-Men franchise.

Deadpool 2 establishes right off the bat that the team is going to double down on all of the things that made the first movie a success.  We get a hilarious narration from Reynolds that showcases his sarcastic humor and insider snark by cussing out Fox for killing Wolverine in Logan.  He then goes on a whirlwind tour of assassinations that features a whole movie’s worth of ass-kicking set to Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five”.  We then wrap up the intro with a touching scene of Wade and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) talking about starting a family.  In just ten minutes, we’ve already seen that the humor and action are up to snuff, and we get a compelling story thrown in as well.

Filling in the Gaps.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
More, more, more!

The guys behind Deadpool 2 weren’t just content to give us more of the same.  After the phenomenal success of the first film, you get the feeling that Reynolds and company were given the keys to the kingdom.  What little restraint there may have been in the joke writing process has been chucked, allowing Deadpool to go full frontal with his humor.  We also get a much bigger cast of characters, including some surprising cameos from mutants that were definitely off-limits the first time around.  Instead of knock-off villains, we get two titans of the Marvel universe in Cable and the super secret final boss.  Deadpool 2 is also given license to use and abuse some fan favorites from his comic book glory days.  All in all, it feels that this was the movie they wished they could have made the first time around.

Bring Back That Loving Feeling.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
Kicking it in style.

Deadpool 2 still feels like a scrappy passion project, despite being a proven quantity.  The story has grown up, adding in story lines that compete with the very best Fox has been able to muster in the X universe, but the DNA of the film is still all Deadpool.  Everyone you loved in the first Deadpool gets time to shine instead of being pushed aside by the new additions (of which Zazie Beetz’ Domino is a fantastic stand-out.)  All of the swagger and devil-may-care attitude is present, and it works surprisingly well with the more mature themes and plot.  The jokes, the violence, the fantastic soundtrack, and the willingness to kill any sacred cow still marks Deadpool as one of the most refreshing properties in the comic book landscape.  Now that he has his own super powered wrecking crew, I can’t wait to see him in action again.

Movie Review: Deadpool 2. (Spoiler Free)
Mount up…oh, and watch those cross winds!

*here’s my one spoiler:  stay for the mid-credit stingers.  They are priceless.*

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