New Series Preview: You Get What You Pay For

New Series Preview: You Get What You Pay For

In a look at a new series, we examine the old addage: you get what you pay for. And we’re not paying one thin dime here.

These days, it feels like nothings free. Every major studio has decided to yank their products off of service like Netflix and Hulu so they can sell them back to you for even more money. MoviePass is an exercise in jumping through hoops, and Sinemia declared bankruptcy and ran away with all the money they could fit in their pockets.

Luckily, there are still places out there you can watch free content. That don’t involve piracy. In this new series, we will be pointing out some of these last bastions of free entertainment. From the depraved mind that brought you Little Box of Horrors, we brazenly present: You Get What You Pay For.

Why the new series?

You Get What You Pay For
All that, and gas costs me more than the dumb Redbox rental.

Basically, I’m sick of the limitations involved with Little Box of Horrors. You can’t really find anything older than a few years at a Redbox. Most of todays bargain bin offerings lack the charm that previous generations of C movies had. They are largely crass, cynical money-grabs. While that’s fun to bash on every once in awhile, it was taking it’s toll on my vim and vigor. I’m hoping that running further afield (via the internet) will allow me to find some truly good bad movies.

How’s it work?

Teen Titans Go!

You Get What You Pay For will work largely the same as Little Box of Horrors: I will select one online streaming provider, find three movies that I think might scratch the itch, and settle on one winner to review. The added benefit will be that since I will be looking at services we haven’t traditionally utilized in previous reviews, I’ll be able to give you a rundown on some new services to get your cheap viewing on with. I’ll post the review, and then a few days later you’ll get a product review letting you know what I thought of the provider. Win Win!

Is Little Box of Horrors Going away?

Zoombies 2
Oh yes, you souless abomination, we’ll dance.

No, but I’ll be a lot more selective. I’ll keep an eye out on the new releases at Redbox, and if something truly interesting comes my way, I’ll buckle up for the wild ride. Getting this series off the monthly schedule will hopefully allow me to see movies I’m actually excited about, so you don’t have to read through a whiny, sarcastic review every month. Well, it’s still ME writing these, so some whining and sarcasm, but I never promised you an apple orchard.

What I can promise you is a new series dedicated to finding new films, and finding free new ways to watch movies. Hopefully it will broaden some horizons, and give us all yet more ways to stick it to the Oligarchy! Yay!

You Get What You Pay For

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