October Update.

2020 is just the year that keeps giving.

To start off, we’d like to apologize to regular readers of the site. What started as a planned vacation quickly went sideways. What kind of fun have we been having?:

  • A start of the month health scare (luckily everyone is doing better now.)
  • A week worth of articles set to auto-publish during the vacation period disappeared after not, you know, auto-publishing.
  • Regal cinema shuttered their nationwide chain, including two of the theaters near me.
  • The local indie cinema followed suit and closed their doors.
  • All of the big releases scheduled for October pulled up stakes and moved to 2021 instead of going digital.
Who guessed the hellscape Ash time traveled to was 2020 America?

With everyone getting their feet back under them health-wise and a sudden drought of content on the horizon for October, we made a tough decision. We’re going to take the month off for a hiatus and do a little bit of fall cleaning on the user interface on the back end. It won’t affect articles already posted (unless, of course, it does…) but new articles won’t be in the pipeline till later.

2020 has been a real roller-coaster. We look forward to coming back stronger in the final two months of what has been a very long and strange year. Keep safe, love movies, and we’ll see you after Halloween.

-Deluxe Video Online staff.

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