Oscars 2021: Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon.

Oscars 2021: Shaun the Sheep - Farmageddon.

Shaun the Sheep does more Shaun the Sheep things in this very Shaun the Sheep movie.

Real talk. Oscar voters, can we take a minute to go over why you selected Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon, out of hundreds of animated movies released around the world this year, to nominate for an Oscar? Is it because you didn’t actually watch any animated movies this year and recognized Shaun the Sheep’s name? Is it cause you nominated the last Shaun the Sheep movie and figured since the place didn’t burn down, you were safe doing it again? Help me out here trying to understand this.

Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon is not a bad movie. It’s a Shaun the Sheep movie, and that franchise, movie or television, has been consistently cute, funny, and family friendly. Farmageddon is all of those things too. What it isn’t is the least bit innovative or impressive from a technical or story perspective.

How Good Is...The Croods A New Age?
I mean, The Croods 2 could easily have taken this spot on the list.

Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon (2020)

When an alien possessing strange powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep quickly makes a new friend. Together they must run from a dangerous organization who wants to capture the intergalactic visitor.

Oscars 2021: Shaun the Sheep - Farmageddon.

By the Numbers.

There’s not a lot going on in Shaun the Sheep’s second big-screen outing, story-wise. The film pretty much follows the formula of all of Shaun’s adventures: chafing under the watchful eye of the sheepdog Bitzer, Shaun concocts various plans to spice up life on the farm. Eventually his mischief gets him into a wider world of trouble, and Bitzer and Shaun wind up teaming up to fix whatever problem Shaun got into.

The wrinkle in Farmageddon is that Shaun meets a cute alien visitor to Earth and has to save him from a clandestine government agency after his space tech. It’s essentially ALF, if the Tanner’s were farm animals instead of prissy suburbanites. The ET’s levitating powers gives the film some, well, ET moments. The long and short of it is that it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

Oscars 2021: Shaun the Sheep - Farmageddon.
I don’t think a few nods to older alien movies really counts as “fun for all ages.”

More of the Same.

In the same vein, Farmageddon doesn’t really do anything to up the ante in terms of presentation. Aardman Animations’ stop motion is still the best in the game right now, but it’s certainly not innovating on the technique. There’s no big moments or wild effects that make Shaun the Sheep 2 feel like anything more than an extended episode of the show. Unlike the first movie, it doesn’t even change locations all that often. We’re mostly still on the farm for most of the movie. At least when Spongebob got a movie he fooled around with live action, CG, and a giant body-boarding David Hasselhoff. Except for a nice glittery effect for the Alien’s powers used sparingly, Shaun plays everything extremely safe.

Wool Gathering.

I probably would have liked Shaun the Sheep – Farmageddon better had it NOT been nominated for an Oscar. We liked the first movie plenty here on the site, and like I said, this second outing doesn’t do anything wrong. It just doesn’t do anything new or exciting.

Fans of the series and little kids should find the movie to be fun, if forgettable. Anyone hoping that this film is going to deliver a mind-blowing experience worthy of Hollywood’s top honor are probably going to leave their viewing feeling sheepish.

Oscars 2021: Shaun the Sheep - Farmageddon.
You seen one sheep, you’ve seen em all.

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