Our Ten’s List: Most Anticipated Films 2020.

Most Anticipated Films 2020

From indie horror to big screen blockbusters, here’s ten films in 2020 we’re excited for.

You know the drill. New year, ten new films to start salivating over. We’ve actually got 12 for you this year. Just a little something extra to make sure 2020 gets off to a good start. Let’s not waste any time and get straight to the most anticipated films.

Most Anticipated Films 2020 (January – June)


  • Underwater (Jan. 10)

Seven miles below the surface, a deep ocean research facility suffers a devastating seismic shock. Besides crippling the facility, it appears to have released something aggressive from the bottom of the sea.

Director William Eubank sports a small but intriguing catalog. His history as a cinematographer, however, is well documented, and readily apparent from the trailer. Kristen Stewart has been taking some very smart roles lately…Charlie’s Angels not withstanding. I’m a sucker for a good ol’ claustrophobic creature feature, especially when the visuals look this good.


  • Wendy (Feb. 28)

Taken from her home, a young girl named Wendy winds up on a mysterious island where children never age, and the boys are wild.

Now, I know that recent re-imaginings of Peter Pan have been…real, real bad. But this looks gorgeous. It also looks just as wild and unpredictable as its cast of lost boys and strong-willed lead. Director Benh Zeitlin delivered a wake-up call with Beasts of the Southern Wild. Expect him to do so again here.


  • Bloodshot (Mar. 13)

A marine (Vin Diesel) and his wife die in a mysterious attack. The marine awakens, resurrected with nano machines into a super human weapon. He struggles to put the pieces together of his new identity, and begins to suspect that those who created him may have been involved in his tragedy.

This lesser-known comic book adaptation just grabs me. I was never a reader of the Valiant book, but was aware of the character. Vin Diesel seems a perfect fit for the role (and I must say that I have a soft spot for Diesel action flicks as a guilty pleasure.) The effects remind me of 2018’s Upgrade, with the visceral violence and body horror elements. Sign me up.

  • A Quiet Place II (Mar. 20)

Having suffered a tragic loss in their narrow escape from the vicious creatures who hunt humanity via sound, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) mus take her family away from the safety of their secluded farm. Will other survivors aid them, or be another danger?

A sequel to the amazing A Quiet Place? With the same solid cast, plus Djimon Hounsou and Cillian Murphy? With John Krasinski back in the director’s seat? Yeah. Very much yeah.


  • The New Mutants (Apr. 3)

A group of youngsters exhibiting the mutant X gene are taken to a secret facility.

This film was on LAST year’s most anticipated list. Despite Fox dissolving and the film suffering lots of production problems, I’m still onboard. Get this movie in my hands already.

  • No Time to Die (Apr. 10)

James Bond (Daniel Craig) returns to duty after a villain (Rami Malek) with ties to his past and deadly new technology appears..

One last time for Queen and Country, eh, James?

  • Antlers (Apr. 17)

A young boy keeps a strange creature locked up in a dilapidated building. While protective services try to discover what the boy is hiding, the creature escapes.

Guillermo del Toro produces this exquisite creep show from director Scott Cooper (Hostiles, Black Mass). This horror films looks legit, and I love how the trailer doesn’t give away too much. Just enough of a peek to know this is going to be scary AF.

  • Antebellum (Apr. 24)

An author (Janelle Monáe) awakens to a horrific reality where the pre-Civil War south and her modern life bleed into each other.

I love when a dark and cerebral movie comes out of left field to grab your attention. Janelle Monáe was excellent in Electric Dreams, and her music videos are cinematic pieces of art all on their own. I love the visual aesthetic, and you can be sure we’ll be treated to a heady dose of allegory.


  • Black Widow (May 1)

After the events of Civil War, Natasha Romanov (Scarlett Johansson) AKA Black Widow, must confront shadows from her past.

The long overdue Black Widow solo film finally arrives. Too bad it came after they killed the character off in the main continuity. Damn, Marvel, maybe if her first name was Chris she would have survived Infinity War…

Anyway, this movie looks great. Johansson has complete control of the character and will finally get a chance to stretch her legs. I’m not familiar with director Cate Shortland’s body of work, but it’s well regarded. Looks like we may get two kick-ass, female led super hero film this summer.


  • Wonder Woman 1984 (Jun. 5)

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) tries to find her place in America in the 1980’s, as a new threat and old flames seek her out.

Getting the obvious out of the way: Wonder Woman rocked, despite a less than stellar ending, and Gal Gadot is quickly making herself the beating heart of the DC universe. Patty Jenkins is back to direct, the supporting cast is solid, and the story looks great. Now the real reason I’m hyped…


This trailer is currently living, rent free, inside my head. It is one of the most perfectly crafted trailers I have ever seen. The music is perfect, and all of the visuals are attached to it like an incredible mosaic. Each and every little beat works together. The visuals punch, and the aesthetic pops. I’m actually deeply worried I won’t like the movie as much as the trailer. How could I? This trailer absolutely bangs.

Bonus Picks.

  • I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Netflix, TBA)

A young woman agrees to accompany her new boyfriend out to the country to meet his parents, despite the fact she is thinking of ending the relationship. Terror ensues.

The book by Iain Reid sounds harrowing, and the adaptation is being helmed by Charlie Kaufman. You know, the guy behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? Yeah, this is going to be one wild ride.

  • 1917 (Jan. 10)

Two soldiers are tasked with delivering a message to the front during World War 1. If they fail, thousands of troops will walk into an ambush, including the brother of one of the messengers.

This technically came out in 2019, but won’t get a wide release till next week. While I am a bit weary of the mandatory “Oscar worthy war film” every year, this one looks like the real deal. It’s crafted by Sam Mendes (Spectre, Skyfall) to look like one, two-hour-long continuous shot. I’m going to pay my money just to see THAT trick!

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