Our Ten’s List: Most Anticipated Movies of 2018.

Our Ten's List: Most Anticipated Movies of 2018.

Our Ten’s List: Most Anticipated Movies of 2018.

Gearing up for the new year, we pick ten movies that have us excited for the first half of 2018.

Our Ten's List: Most Anticipated Movies of 2018.There were so many exciting movies coming out this year, we decided to split the list up into halves.  Here, we’ll give you our takes for 10 films coming out between January and June that are on our radar.  The picks run the gamut from indie horror films, science fiction, quirky comedies and of course the ubiquitous super hero genre.  Hopefully New Mutants and Deadpool 2 can keep alive the streak of solid spandex action films like last year’s Logan and Wonder Woman.

Instead of ranking the pictures by which have us most interested, we’ll break them down month by month.  As you can see, there’s at least a few projects in every frame to keep you primed until the big blockbusters come out in the second half of the year.

Most Anticipated Movies of 2018, January – June.


10.  Proud Mary (Jan. 12)

An assassin working for a Boston crime family has to reevaluate her choices when she meets the young victim of a hit gone bad.

While the production side of this piece is a bit under-tested in terms of director and writers, I’m hopeful that Proud Mary can follow in the footsteps of kick-ass action flicks like John Wick and Atomic Blonde.  Taraji P. Henson and Billy Brown sell the action sequences with style and the visuals are exciting.  Not a bad action flick to kick off the year.

9.  This Giant Paper-Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy  (Jan. 19)

Three vinatge sci-fi fans are transported from a convention exhibit into outer space.  The world they find themselves in is based on all of the gloriously campy “science” of serials like Flash Gordon and Doctor Who.  While they make it home in time to get Captain Kirk’s autograph?  Find out in January.

Reasons to get excited:  This homage to cheesy science fiction scratches a lot of itches.  It manages to make its bare-bones effects into strengths instead of weaknesses, and the overall level of zany antics is a blast from the past for fans of old TV and radio serials.


8.  Black Panther  (Feb. 16)

After helping get justice for his murdered father, T’Challa returns home to Wakanda to claim the throne.  Forces that want seize the technology rich kingdom for themselves threaten his rule and the fate of the world.

Reasons to get excited:  Black Panther roared onto the screen in Captain America Civil War, and I’ve been eager for his stand-alone film.  The casting is amazing, the visuals are breathtaking, and Marvel hasn’t disappointed when it comes to action so far.


7.  A Wrinkle in Time  (Mar. 9)

A brilliant but introverted girl withdraws from her friends and family after the disappearance of her physicist father.  Three celestial beings seek her out to explain that her father isn’t dead, but imprisoned by a force of evil and darkness that threatens the whole galaxy.  Along with her savant little brother and childhood friend she must travel through space and time to save her father and her world.

Reasons to get excited:  A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorite books, a young adult tale that is mature and deep.  The casting in this film is incredibly deep, and director Ava DuVernay has already proven she can deliver nuanced films with big ideas.  I thought this movie was un-filmable, like Dune, but the quality of the visuals on display here make me believe that at the end of the day, this will at least be a feast for the eyes.

6.  Pacific Rim Uprising  (Mar. 23)

A new generation of pilots must rise to the challenge as the monstrous Kaiju threat that was defeated in the first film is just the tip of the spear when it comes to the battle for Earth.

Reasons to get excited:  At first I thought this film was going to be big dumb action that wouldn’t quite rise to the charm of the first Pacific Rim.  The trailer showed me that it’s its own animal but still has much of the same DNA.  The action seems bigger and the character roster is improved, giving this monster mash a vibe like Japanese classics Voltron, Evangelion, and Gundam Z.  Those are all good things in my book.


5.  A Quiet Place  (Apr. 6)

The remnants of humanity live in terror of creatures that can hear the slightest sound.  To survive, they must hide away and adapt to making no noise whatsoever.  As you can guess, the plan doesn’t go as well as they’d hoped.

Reasons to get excited:  This is my must see horror movie of the year.  It takes the “be quiet!” premise of thriller films like Don’t Breathe, and ramps it up to eleven.  The premise gives a novel take on post-apocalyptic/dystopian stories, and it’s sold by a fantastic combo of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who also directs.

4.  New Mutants  (Apr. 13)

Five teens just coming into their powers as young mutants are whisked away to a secret lab, where they must fight to survive and come to terms with their new identities.

Reasons to get excited:  This film boasts a strong, young cast headed by Maisie Williams, Blu Hunt, and Anya Taylor-Joy.  I love that this film is going for a straight-up horror vibe.  With 6 super-hero movies coming out each year, this genre blending is going to keep things fresh.  It also helps that this trailer is creepy and tense as all hell.


3.  Deadpool 2  (Jun. 1)

Deadpool is back, being dead-ier and pool-ier than ever before.  Yeah, that check’s out.

Reasons to get excited:  It’s Deadpool.  There hasn’t been a character and actor so in love with each other since Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra.  You know you’re going to see it.  Do it.

2.  Ocean’s 8 (Jun. 8)

Fresh out of prison, Debbie Ocean looks to follow in her safe-cracking brother’s shoes by assembling a team and taking down one of the biggest gala events in New York City.

Reasons to get excited:  Directory Gary Ross hasn’t made a heist flick before, but he’s made quite a few notable films.  Here he’s got a fantastic cast and a strong sense of charisma that jumps off the screen.  I’m sad it’s not Steven Soderbergh behind the camera, but hopefully that just means he’s hard at work on Logan Lucky 2.

1.  Soldado/ Sicario 2 (Jun. 29)

Looking to take down the Mexican drug cartels once and for all, a group of rogue agents are are willing to go to war with anyone, even their own government.

Reasons to get excited:  Here’s another film I thought couldn’t live up to Sicario and it’s deliciously tense atmosphere.  The first film was like Silence of the Lambs plus SWAT teams.  This one seems to be keeping the morbid and horror-soaked elements of the first while providing a little more gun-play.  I wish Emily Blunt was back, but I do love me some Benecio Del Toro.

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