Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
"This bill will not be vetoed"? Seriously? Your last movie, and THAT's the tag line you go out on? Leopard can't change its spots and all, I guess.

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.

Hot on the heels of Uwe Boll announcing that his next film will thankfully be his last, we decided to do in this retrospective what we did to his individual movies: mock some and largely ignore the rest.

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
Not a Boll film, but the title just feels…right, somehow.

I’m sure you’re thinking, shouldn’t that title be: WORST Uwe Boll Movies? Ah, sweet naive reader!

(*Editor’s Note:  I believe “worst” is implied if you’re listing Uwe Boll stuff.*)

Debating which film is Boll’s worst is like finding the warmest spot after the heat death of the universe…or avoiding the warmest spot after a hobo sleeps in your bed. So instead we will go in order, each entry a stone to the monument to the shittiest movie maker the world has ever known.

German Fried Movie (1992)

Boll’s first assault on movie goer’s senses, he wrote, directed, starred and produced this movie that shares two too many words in common with one of the best comedies ever made. Not much to go  on here, as this movie is a ghost on Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes, and the only description of it on IMDB is “from a terrible director comes a terrible movie”. Nooooiiicce.

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
In case you were wondering…
Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
…Yes, they just shamelessly copy Kentucky Fried Movie, right down to the poster.

House of the Dead (2003)

Fast forward a few years and we witness Uwe’s war on video-game movies. I tried shooting this movie with a light-gun but it’s relentless suck could not be killed. Having nothing to do with the Sega game of the same name other than licensing rights, this movie was an excuse for tits and gore. A poor excuse. The video game had one of the batshit craziest stories ever, and it still managed to be more coherent than this drek. My advice: Don’t come! DON’T COME!

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
If you can come to anything in this movie, you need a doctor. And an exorcist. Maybe a Witch Doctor.


Since we already covered this trash, all I’m gonna say is how the fuck did Ben Kingsley decide to be in this movie?

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
“At least this has to be bottom…
*looks at his own IMDB page*


Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
Don’t shoot! You’re thinking of the wrong movie!!!

“A nameless drifter dons a postman’s uniform and bag of mail as he begins a quest to inspire hope to the survivors living in post-apocalyptic America.” -IMDB

Oh wait. That’s their synopsis of Kevin Costner’s 1997 epic The Postman. Eh, we’ll just run with that.

Bloodrayne: Deliverance (2007)

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
Why yes, that is a purty mouth.

You know, I have a hard time deciding. If I was part of the backwoods yokels who captures the protagonists in Deliverance (1972), I’d have a hard time deciding which of the four to butt-rape. I mean, sure Burt Reynolds is the odds on favorite just for his looks, but I think Jon Voight would lend the affair some gravitas, and you would have to bet that Ned Beatty would be down with snuggling afterwards. Sorry Ronny Cox, you take last place.

Far Cry(2008)

Did you know that Uwe Boll challenged some of his critics to a boxing match over their poor reviews of his films? Only the smaller ones though. Because no, Donny, this man is a coward.Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.


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BloodRayne: The Third Reich(2011)

Oh look, Alberto Monos drew a tank! How adorable!

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
Way to go, champ! You drew a sweet ass tank and didn’t become a national disgrace to your country of origin.

Assault on Wall Street(2013)

Speaking of which, how does Uwe get all these cinematic abominations financed? Oh that’s right, he uses a tax loophole in Germany that lets studios write off his movies. Funny enough, that loophole is closing just about at the exact time that Herr Boll decided to hang it up. But I guess it was just that DVD sales are declining and people just don’t get your work, right?Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.

(Herr Boll, get it? Funnier joke than anything he’s ever done)

Rampage: President Down(2016)

Our Ten’s List: Uwe Boll Movies.
“This bill will not be vetoed”? Seriously? Your last movie, and THAT’s the tag line you go out on? Leopard can’t change its spots and all, I guess.

Finally, we are at his last film. If Donald Trump hasn’t made enough of a mockery of the Executive Branch of our government, I guess this film might put the final nail in the coffin. Well, at least for the five people who will watch it.

Bolls well that ends well

So thank you for sticking around as we give this man all the respect that is his due. Which is none. Fuck you, Uwe. Sleep well gentle reader, knowing that you have my word none of his movies will ever end up in my Little Box of Horrors. That’d be too cruel.

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