Podcast: 2017’s Best and Worst Movies.

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

Podcast: 2017’s Best and Worst Movies.

The entire staff get together and talk about what we loved, hated and were surprised by in 2017.

Despite everything else being awful in 2017, the cinema really delivered.  Thanks to Nate joining the staff, MoviePass lowering the price of tickets, and our new Podcast endeavor, we viewed more movies this year than in our previous years combined.  Boy did it show in the numbers!  In the first 3 years Erik and I took our devotion to film online, we created 500 articles.  In the last year we nearly doubled that total to 1000.  From Oscar nominated films, inspiring indie short films, streaming video, and super-hero blockbusters, we’ve covered more films this year than ever.  And it’s only getting better.

To send off 2017 in fitting style, we’re going to round-table discuss our picks for best, worst, and most surprising films of the year.  Many of them we have reviewed, but some of our honorable mentions may have gone under the radar.  If you want the in-depth discussion, join us on our growing podcasting channel, linked below.  If you just want the juicy picks, scroll down!  We thrive on talking about movies that are important to our audience, so if we missed something you absolutely loved or hated, join the discuss in the comments section.

2017 Year in Review.



Best Movies.

Erik:  Icarus (Netflix).

Timestamp (13:00)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Logan.

Timestamp (6:05)

Nate: Thor: Ragnarok/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (It’s a TIE!)

I flip-flopped all week on which of these films got my top spot, so I decided to give them both the nod. I thought Thor was the funnier film, but GotG was prettier and more emotionally charged (see Erik’s favorite moment below). I go to the movies to sit next to random strangers of wildly varying hygiene for spectacle, and both delivered.

-Runner Up: The Handmaiden

I already knew Park Chan-wook could do visceral; the Handmaiden proved that he could also do sensual. His films are a visual tour de force.

Neil:  IT.

Timestamp (16:15)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Logan Lucky.

Timestamp (10:40)

Worst Movies.

Nate: Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets.

This movie was far and away the biggest pile of trash in the known 2017 universe. Terrible pacing, terrible acting, terrible effects, zero plot. The 3-D glasses were the only thing keeping my eyeballs from fleeing out of their sockets.

-Runner Up: The Guardians

I so wanted this film to rock. The trailer was, and still is, crazy bananas. That it is the only interesting 2 minutes in the entire film was omitted in the marketing material. Remembering this film still makes me drowsy.

Neil:  Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Timestamp (25:00)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.
Dig that amazing poster.

-Runner Up:  Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets.

Timestamp (20:30)

Erik:  Transformers:  The Last Knight.

Timestamp  (26:40)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  The Dark Tower.

Timestamp (22:30)



Most Surprising Movie.

Neil:  The Greatest Showman.

So…I was so pumped to talk about Split again that I forgot to talk about my most surprising film of the year!  I had no clue this movie was coming out until doing our weekly trailer feature, and when I saw the trailer I figured this film was going to be a classic stinker.  I wasn’t wrong, there are certainly a lot bones to pick with the pat story and revisionist biography of P.T. Barnum…but the movie as a whole kept me enchanted the whole time.  The songs were great, the choreography was electric, and the narrative was an emotional roller coaster.  A delightful surprise, if you can just enjoy it as a musical.

-Runner Up:  Split.

Timestamp (7:50)

Erik:  Wolf Warrior 2.

Timestamp (10:30)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Timestamp (2:30)

Nate: Happy Death Day

That a teeny-bopper horror “homage” of Groundhog Day could be so tight, so winsome, and so… fresh was incredible. I went to this movie out of duty; I left a giant fan. I hope to see Jessica Rothe in more films soon.

-Runner Up: Blade Runner 2049

One of the quickest ways to drop my excitement level for a film is to find out it has an extravagant run-time. Blade Runner 2049 papered right over that fault, and came away as a riveting sequel to a cult classic.

Biggest Disappointment.

Erik:  Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.

Timestamp (30:50)

-Runner Up:  Ghost in the Shell.

Timestamp (20:10)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

Nate: Spider-Man: Homecoming

I was so excited for Tom Holland’s Spidey after Civil War. What I got was reheated leftovers from previous Spider-Films. Boo.

-Runner Up: The Bad Batch

The trailer for this film was a dumpster full of drop kicks. It looked like an even more feminist version of Mad Max, and it had sexy dancing Karl Dragon to boot! What I got was tedious and incoherent. Even Keanu couldn’t charm his way through this.

Neil:  War for the Planet of the Apes.

Timestamp (24:15)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Lady Bird.

Timestamp (16:50)

Best Movie Moment/Scene.

Nate: The Last Jedi – “Jedi’s is Pimps Too; Go on Luke, Brush Your Shoulder Off.”

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

Luke takes the combined fire of all of the First Orders weapons of mass destruction and comes away… unimpressed.

-Runner Up:  The Last Jedi – “Supreme Leader Snoke Tells Darth Maul to Hold His Beer”

Star Wars Episode 8 may be divisive, but it certainly had iconic moments galore. Snoke suddenly getting half off his Supreme Leader outfits was one of them. This is also revenge for having to do the spoiler free article; I just spoiled two of the biggest Last Jedi moments. Sorry, Not Sorry.

Neil:  Baahubali 2: The Conclusion – “Amarendra and Devasena fight scene/love song.”

Timestamp (39:00)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Wonder Woman – “Diana walks into no-man’s land.”

Timestamp (34:30)

Erik:  Logan – “Every Scene Dafne Keen was in.”

Timestamp (34:29)

Podcast: 2017's Best and Worst Movies.

-Runner Up:  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – “Yondu’s Funeral.”

Timestamp (37:00)


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