Podcast Review: The Dark Tower.

Podcast Review: The Dark Tower.

We put three heads together in order to try and make sense of Sony’s The Dark Tower.

Podcast Review: The Dark Tower.
Seems legit.

Stephen King movie adaptations are a mixed bag.  We’ve found several films that we’ve loved…and we’ve found several films that we absolutely hated.  Sony has had a rough summer, and tried to shoot its way out of dodge by releasing an under-budget blockbuster based on Stephen King’s epic franchise of books, The Dark Tower.  As has been par for the course, Sony didn’t have a very good time of it.

I gave my spoiler-free review of the movie last week, and thought that it was imperfect but a fine summer movie to watch with your critical mind in stasis mode.  Nate and Dora saw it too…and they came away with a very different take.

We talked it over, discussing the film as a summer blockbuster and as a book adaptation, and tried to come to a consensus.

The Dark Tower (2017)

Podcast Review: The Dark Tower.
Clash of the movie titans.

Jake Chambers is a troubled teen with visions.  He sees a Dark Tower that holds all worlds together, and two men in an epic clash over it.  Roland Deschain (Idris Elba) is a gunslinger, who has spent his whole life protecting law and order in the barren wastelands of Midworld.  He is on a quest to kill The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), a sorcerer who murdered his father and who is trying to destroy all worlds by assaulting the Dark Tower.  Jake escapes The Man in Black’s forces on Earth and makes his way to Midworld in order to aid Roland in his struggle to avenge his family and save all worlds.

Podcast Review:  The Dark Tower (Spoilers!)

We talk about the movie as a film, a summer blockbuster, and as an adaptation of a book.  We get a little salty!


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