Podcast Review: The Foreigner.

Podcast Review: The Foreigner.

Podcast Review: The Foreigner.

We team up to look at Jackie Chan’s new revenge thriller, The Foreigner, and give our impressions.

Podcast Review: The Foreigner.Just in time for our birthday, Jackie Chan gives us the best present we could ask for: a new movie.  Starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, The Foreigner is a dramatic revenge story that is absolutely dominating the Asian box office.  Now that it’s stateside, we headed out to Smitty’s Cinema, poured a few lager beers, and settled in to watch one of our all time favorite actors in a film that is darker and grittier than anything he’s done to date.  Check out our podcast review and see if The Foreigner is worth your time.

The Foreigner (2017).

Podcast Review: The Foreigner.Jackie Chan plays Quan, a man from Singapore with a troubled past who is living in London.  Having lost most of his family while immigrating to the UK, he’s fiercely protective of his teenage daughter, Fan.  One day, as they are out shopping, she is taken from him in a senseless act of terrorism.  A splinter group of the IRA has decided to break the peace accords and target civilians.  Devastated and looking for vengeance, Quan uses his paramilitary training to hound a local politician who was formerly a big name in the IRA (Pierce Brosnan).  As his methods become more and more violent, Quan begins to resemble the killers he is chasing.

Podcast Review.

*Note:  The review is mostly spoiler free, but we do get into greater story detail at the 37:00 minute mark.  If you want to avoid any hints, feel free to listen up to that point.*



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