Podcast Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.

Podcast Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)

We team up with guest Wonder Woman aficionado Dora to do justice to DC’s latest offering.

Nate covered our spoiler-free look at Wonder Woman, but there was so much going on that couldn’t be talked about there that we returned with extra firepower.  We invited the Super Friends over to our first podcast review.  I know Dora has dibs on Wonder Woman…so I guess that makes Nate and I the Wonder Twins?

Podcast Review: Wonder Woman (Spoilers)
Wait…we’re actually the monkey, aren’t we?

For those who didn’t catch our Oscars podcast, warning that the language gets a little salty at points (looking at you, giant CGI God of War…)

Wonder Woman (Spoilers.)

Here’s the Featurette referenced at 9.30 in the cast.

So that’s our spoiler-filled take on Wonder Woman.  Some parts we like, some parts we hated, and some parts just had us throwing up our hands in confusion.  Despite some really choice words about the ending and the CG explosion that every DC movie requires before they can play the credits, we were all pretty much OK with Diana’s Big Day Out.  That’s what they called the movie, right?  Sure, we wish they had given more time to Paradise Island…or the Amazons…or Diana’s origins…wait, we liked this?

*editor’s note:  Yes, I incorrectly called England a continent.  No, I’m not proud.  Yes, I’m glad the school year is over so I don’t embarrass myself in front of children.


What’s Next.

Too soon?

Join us again as new guests and contributors join us for more movie review podcasts.  Next up in the firing line?  All Eyez on Me.  Erik and I set our sights on Benny Boom’s biopic of Tupac Shakur, starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. as the slain rapper/poet.  We disagreed on last years NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton, so I’m making sure everyone checks their piece at the door.


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