Quick Hit: Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer

Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer Fails Hard

I enjoyed the Ghostbusters series as a child, and over the years potential rumors of reunions about the cast giving it another go. Well now we have the Official Ghostbusters 2016 trailer and I want to puke. While there was no hint of the old cast returning in the trailer, I am certain there will be a reprisal of their roles. Regardless of how awesome it’ll be to see Murray, Akroyd and the gang back together, It will not save this pile of steaming dogshit.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig are certainly talented but something feels wrong about an all female cast.. Ghostbusters 2016 just feels like a trendy re branding that forgets to add an actual story and an organic cast.  It’s less Ghostbusters, and more Bridesmaids and ghosts.  I’d feel 100% better about this decision if one of the original cast or anyone with a penis for that matter, was involved.

Seriously, If the Pee-Wee Herman reboot/sequel on Netflix starred someone else, would you even care?

Oh, and nice touch that the only uneducated person in this film is Patty Tolan’s, a black woman (although she appears to be the only entertaining character in this film. So I guess that is supposed to make it OK?)  While the three white women in the cast all have some sort of degrees, Patty Tolan’s talents are street smarts as an MTA employee, and the ability to get the team a vehicle.  Patty actually says: “You guys are really smart about this science stuff, but I know New York.”


ghostbusters 2016 TrailersThe Ghostbusters 2016 trailer just feels and plays like a cash grab. There was not one compelling moment, and I hope this movie loses a ton of money, and everyone loses a job here.

The concept is shit, and even an intermingled cast of the old and new would have performed better. However I cannot understand why you would force the socio-political statement about the superiority of women over men as a major studio.

I am looking forward to Neil’s scathing review on this one, and my commentary on how hard Ghostbusters 2016 fails in the Box Office.

Second Take:  Neil’s Thoughts

After watching this trailer, I had two thoughts:

  1.  WTF, everyone is a scientist except the black actor?  Cause of course there aren’t any notable black scientists out there…
  2. This trailer feels so completely sanitized and safe.

    Mmm hmm.
    Mmm hmm.

Seriously, nothing about this trailer implies something fresh or subversive.  The plot as delivered in the trailer is exactly the same as the first Ghostbusters, right down to each character being an obvious call back to their original counterparts (hence why the person of color doesn’t get to be a scientist, I suppose.)  The jokes were so predictable, I found myself giving the punchline before the actor could.  Besides gender-swapping the cast, there’s nothing new here.

Hey, we're shooting nuclear lasers at a giant marshmellow monster in the center of NYC! No way anyone is going to forget about this in 30 years, amiright?
Hey, we’re shooting nuclear lasers at a giant marshmallow monster in the center of NYC! No way anyone is going to forget about this in 30 years, amiright?

The opening text implies that this is somehow connected to the first film (hopefully beyond just stealing its script.)  I didn’t see anything to support that.  There’s no recognition from anyone here that ghosts are something people should be well aware of after they attacked the city twice, or that Ghostbusters once existed who tackled those ghouls.  The cast seems to blithely reinvent the wheel, completely unaware that their gear, their ride, their uniforms and their logo are exactly the same as the originals.  Did the ghosts steal everyone’s memories of the original Ghostbusters?

The movie looks crisp and the visuals are cool, but this trailer gives me nothing to get excited about.

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